How To Select a Camping Headlamp

When you're going on a camping trip, you might want to buy a headlamp to get a sense of more security, especially if you have to be on the move at night. Choosing which camping headlamp is the best one for you is really a matter of what kind of performance you expect out of your headlamp. These are a few considerations you should think of when you're choosing which camping headlamp to use:

  • Headlamp performance attributes. You can compare spec charts of headlamp products available at on their site, but these features are basically what you need to pay attention to when buying a headlamp: the size and weight of the headlamp, the brightness of its light, the maximum distance of the beam it can cast, and its battery life. You might want to choose a headlamp no heavier or larger than horse headlamps. Headlamps, which throw a beam for a short distance usually have a longer battery life than those whose light reaches farther. A camping headlight that casts a brighter light would likewise use up its battery much sooner than other headlights would. If what you're looking for in your headlamp is long battery life, then you should choose a lamp that has a short maximum beam distance and which makes use of a weaker beam. You can choose a micro headlamp if you want something light and inexpensive.
  • The type of lamp. The performance of your headlamp is also affected by what type it is based on its light source. The most common ones make use of xenon, halogen or krypton, UV lenses and LEDs. Xenon and other incandescent bulbs produce light with high intensity and are used when vision is sorely needed. Headlamps usually make use of LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, because they excel in energy efficiency and drain batteries around three times slower than incandescent bulbs do. LEDs are also tougher to break than lamps, and are therefore ideal for camping, where a headlamp can be expected to see some rough use. Princeton Tec Aurora LED lamps are among the headlamps that have received good reviews from their users.
  • Your planned activities. You have to choose your headlamp based on where you're going and what you have planned. If you have to read a map or chart, a blue or green lens would make it easier for you to read. You can use a red lens if you want to maintain your night vision, but you can't read so well with this. Lights with long battery life are advisable to use if you have to travel a long distance. If you're camping somewhere with a cold climate, choose a headlamp whose battery pack is durable enough to withstand the low temperature. On the other hand, if you're riding a raft or canoe or camping near a river, make sure that the headlamp you buy is waterproof so you can still use it even if you drop it in the water by accident.

It is also advisable to choose a headlamp with adjustable and padded straps, which will permit the camper to wear the lamp comfortably over a helmet or hat or on the forehead.


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