How To Select and Use Hydration Packs for Bikers

Biking is a tough sport. It requires a lot of strength and balance. The sport usually requires that bikers go out under the hot sun. This makes bikers prone to dehydration. It can be quite a hassle to stop while biking, especially if you're set at a certain speed. However, all bikers need to rehydrate. To rehydrate without losing their race, bikers use hydration packs. This also lets any biker carry a few extra items. If you were planning to purchase a hydration pack, it would be good to know a few handy tips. These can help you select and use the best hydration pack for your needs.

Here are a few simple tips on how to select and use hydration packs for bikers:

  1. What kind of biker are you? There are a lot of different hydration packs for bikes. Choosing the right one will depend on what kind of bike you ride, how long you go on rides and where you go for rides. Hydration packs come in all sizes, and in different materials. For example, some hydration packs are specifically for women's use. There are also hydration packs for kids if you plan to buy some for children. However, there are also basic hydration packs available. These are good to start with if it's your first time to buy a pack.
  2. Look for key features. A reliable hydration pack comes with a few nifty features. Check if the water bladder compartment can be zipped. This will make it easier for you to clean the pack. A lock out mechanism for the water tube is also essential. It keeps your drink from spilling while you are out biking. It would also be better if it comes with a hydration bladder. You can get a better deal, as you won't have to buy a separate hydration bladder. Also, make sure that the hydration bladder is easy to refill. This way, in case you run out of water, you can quickly refill it without hassle.
  3. Clean your hydration pack regularly. Even if you're just putting water in the pack, germs can still accumulate. Also, if you put beverages other than water in your hydration pack, such as energy drinks or fruit juice, you'll find that they are harder to clean. These usually leave a stain on the hydration pack. It would be better to use separate hydration packs for different beverages. Rinse the water reservoir thoroughly. Check your user's manual to see how to disassemble your hydration packs. You should also regularly clean the external cloth that comes with the pack, as it can absorb sweat and dirt.

Hydration packs come in handy when you need a drink while biking. Remember, when selecting a hydration pack, it is always good to be informed. Do your research and check company websites. You can even see their products online. Follow these tips and you're sure to get a good buy.


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