How To Set Up a Regulation Soccer Field

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Soccer has long been considered the world's most popular sport. Outside of the USA, soccer fans from across the globe enjoy the thrill of the beautiful game. If you'd like to give the exhilarating sport a try, but don't have access to a soccer field, don't worry. Here's how to set up a regulation soccer field.

  1. You'll first need to find an open field that will fit a regulation adult-sized soccer field, with a little bit of allowance. A regulation field doesn't necessarily have stringent size specifications, but they should fall at least between 100 and 130 yards in length, and between 50 and 100 yards in width. The sizes can be adjusted according to the size of the field you have available to you, but do your best to stick to the minimum 100-yard long and 50-yard wide size.
  2. Depending on how professional you want your field to look, you can purchase a set of markers for your soccer field. These include flags and stakes that demarcate the various areas of your field. A regulation soccer field generally has four corner flags. You can find these flags at almost any sporting goods store. You can also find them online. Just do a quick Google search for "soccer field markers".
  3. You might also want to buy a lining kit. While it's possible to draw the lines on a soccer field without the use of a kit, the kit will make the job a lot easier. You'll need to grab some chalk, grind it up, and lay it onto the field in uniform straight lines. A lining kit will drastically reduce the effort you'll need to put into this endeavor. Again, you can find a soccer field lining kit at your local sporting goods store and online.
  4. You need to draw several lines on the soccer field. Outline the entire field as a rectangle. The lines along the field's length are known as the touchlines, while the lines along the field's width are known as the goal lines. The touchlines must be longer than the goal lines. Draw a line that cuts across the field from the centers of each touchline. This will be your midline. Find the center of your midline and draw a circle with a ten-yard radius. This is your center mark. Finally, draw a quarter circle with a radius of one yard extending from each corner of your field extending onto the playing field. These are your corner arcs.
  5. Put a goal on the very center of each goal line. A regulation adult-sized soccer goal has a width of eight yards, a height of eight feet, and the bars of the goals generally have a five-inch diameter. Although a net isn't really required, you'll want your goals to have one to keep the soccer ball from straying away every time a goal is scored.
  6. Mark a goal area six yards from the inner side of each goal post, and six yards onto the playing field itself. Draw a penalty area 18 yards from the inner side of each goal post, stretching out 18 yards onto the playing field. Congratulations! Your field is ready!


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