How To Shoot a Three Pointer

In basketball, the three pointer is a team's weapon in getting a higher score, in increasing the lead, catching up if the opponent is leading, and in spreading the opponent's defense. Since a three pointer is launched farther from the basket, it is a lower percentage shot. This makes the three pointer a team's bane if not converted. The three pointer is a shot made from outside the "three-point line" which is a circular arc of approximately 120 degrees and with a distance of 6.25 meters (FIBA standard) or 7.23 meters (NBA standard) from the basket. A successful attempt is given three points. Having these things in mind, it is important that a basketball player knows how to shoot a three-pointer.

Step 1

Here is how it is done. First, you must make sure that you are outside the three-point line. This means that you must not be on the line or inside the line at the time of the shot. Otherwise, your shot will just be ruled as a two point shot. You are, however, allowed to land on or inside the line after you release the ball.

Step 2

Second, in attempting a three pointer, it is best that you are in a triple threat position facing the basket. A triple threat position is a position in which the basketball player has three options: either to shoot, pass or dribble. In this position your knees are bent and your feet are set on the ground, allowing your body to be stable. This will also add more power to your shot.

Step 3

Third, you should be in the proper shooting form. Your toes, knee, elbow and the ball must form a straight line. This will give you a straighter and a stronger shot. This is sometimes called squaring up for the shot. Here, your elbow seemingly forms an “L” and is parallel to the ground. Hold the ball with your fingers to create a backspin on the ball as you release it. The backspin will give the ball a better chance to fall in the basket. Use your other hand only as a guide. Feel the rhythm of the shot by inhaling as you lift up. Add more force from the legs and arms and throw with the correct and higher arc as a three pointer is farther compared to a jump shot. A great lift will make your shot more consistent. Your eyes must gaze the rim as you release the ball. Be confident with your shot, imagining it to hit nothing but the bottom of the net. Having your eyes on the rim as you release the ball will make your three pointer accurate.

Step 4

Fourth and last, you must follow through and hold it. This is done by extending your arm after releasing the ball in mid-air, as if guiding the ball to the basket. Don't forget to still keep it straight. Your wrist should flex down and you should hold that position until the ball is in the basket.

Practice these steps and explode onto the hardcourt using the three pointer.


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