How To Sneak Booze into a Major League Baseball Game

Major league baseball games are a great way to kick back and spend some time with your buddies. But the food and drinks there can be so expensive! If you're not worried about breaking the rules to save a buck, consider bringing your own drinks to the ball game. Here are a few ways to sneak booze into a major league baseball game.

Step 1

Wear baggy pants. If you've got a lot of room in your clothes, you can usually get away with having a few bottles of booze tucked into your pants or sweater. (There have even been attempts to stash booze in shoes, although it makes for difficult walking!) Cargo pants, with their deep pockets, are great for hiding mickeys of liquor or even a flask. Look at yourself in a full-length mirror to see if the smuggled booze looks obvious.

Step 2

Smuggle booze in with a water bottle. Some major league baseball stadiums will allow you to bring your own water bottle into the game. If this is the case, swap your water for vodka. Security protocol may require that the water bottle be sealed. But you can avoid this dilemma by making a tiny pin prick under the label of the water bottle, draining the water, and then feeding the liquor into the hole with a needle or syringe. You'll have to lay the bottle flat and patch up the hole with some putty or tape. But once this is done, you can reattach the label, and your water bottle won't look like it has booze in it at all.

Step 3

Wear a refreshment backpack. If you're heavyset or wearing bulky clothes, you should also consider smuggling booze into a major league baseball game using a biker's water pack (also known as a Camelbak or a hydration backpack.) Fill this with booze and slip it under your baggie clothes. It's quite thin and fits snug to your body. With the right posture, your smuggled booze won't be visible as you pass through the gates of the ball park.

Step 4

Get your wife in on the fun. Another easy way to sneak booze into a major league baseball game is to carry it in a purse. Now, you will probably look quite funny sporting a purse, but your wife will get away with this booze-smuggling trick, no question. Fill small lotion bottles with liquor and hide them at the bottom of her purse. She'll breeze through security with your booze.

Step 5

Look innocent. Don't give away your contraband booze by walking awkwardly or seeming tense. It's all about seeming relaxed and unconcerned about the security check. If you and your friends seem rowdy, drunk or boisterous in general, you're more likely to get searched by security. So play it safe, and enter the major league baseball game under the radar with your hidden booze.


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