How To Swing a Baseball Bat

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Baseball is the all-American sport that everyone knows how to play, but do you know how to play baseball properly? Can you swing a bat in order to blast that baseball out of the park? If you think that your baseball swing could be improved, here's a guide on how to swing a baseball bat.

Step 1

Position yourself correctly in the box. Before you can swing a baseball bat, you need to be standing in the batter's box correctly. (This is the little box that is drawn around home plate.) Depending on your swinging preferences, stand to the left or the right of home plate, ensuring that your entire body is still within the batter's box. Your front foot should be parallel to the bottom of home plate. And your back food should be near the back of the batter's box. (In addition, both feet should be parallel with your shoulders.) You should be standing sideways at the plate, not facing the pitcher, which is a common mistake when preparing to swing a baseball bat. Lean back slightly on your back foot, bending that knee and keeping your front leg straight.

Step 2

Hold the bat properly. To get the best swing, you need to hold your baseball bat correctly. Grasp both hands onto the handle of the bat. Your knuckles should be lined up if you are holding the baseball bat correctly. Hold the bat high above your shoulders and be sure not to rest it on your shoulders. It needs to be held in the air as you await the pitch.

Step 3

Plant your back foot. As the pitcher prepares to throw the ball, your back foot should be firmly in place. It shouldn't move until you swing the baseball bat.

Step 4

Begin to swing. As soon as the pitcher begins to throw the baseball, shift your weight backwards by twisting your hips slightly and moving your hands back. Take a small step forward to increase your hitting power as the baseball approaches you. If you think the ball is fair (not a ball or out of your swinging area), then prepare to make contact with the ball. Begin to swing the baseball bat. Bring it down from where you were holding it in the air and swing with all your might. A proper baseball swing is when your arms are fully extended, and the bat crosses home plate at about the height of your mid to upper body.

Step 5

Follow through. Don't stop your baseball swing once you make contact with the baseball. Continue swinging the bat all the way around. This is called ‘following through.' It will put the most power into your baseball swing and help the baseball travel even further.

Step 6

Start running! Once you've successfully hit the baseball by swinging the baseball bat, start running! Drop the bat and make your way to first base as fast as you can.


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