How To Take a Fly Fishing Trip

Fly fishing can be a very rewarding hobby. There's nothing like communing with nature, casting your lure into the pristine waters, and catching the night's dinner. Even if you practice "catch-and-release", fly fishing merely for the sport of it, you'll find it incredibly enjoyable nonetheless.

If you're looking to take a trip to the great outdoors and go fly fishing while knocking back a few beers, you're going to want to be prepared. Double check your equipment - are your fly rod, reel, and line in perfect working order? Have you got the proper lures for the fish you're looking to catch? If you plan on going into deeper waters, you want to make sure your boots are sturdy enough.

Once your gear is good for fishing, the next step is to decide on where you want to go. Find out where the best places to go fly fishing are by asking around. Avid fly fishers will know where the fish are big, beautiful, and biting, so if you've got any friend that shares your hobby, it'd do you good to give that friend a call. If you're the only one in your social network who fly fishes, don't worry - there are a lot of other fly fishing fanatics on the Internet. Many fishing sites, like, have sections dedicated solely to the sport. These sites also have tips on where the fishing is good, as well as a list of top fly fishing destinations. Try to find a site with message boards and/or forums. You can ask around for any firsthand information on good spots from fellow fly fishers.

Now that you've decided where to go, look up fishing lodges in that area. You'll want a place to stay after a good day's worth of fly fishing. Check for any place that offers discounts or has a promo going for fly fishers. Some establishments cater to the hobbyists that frequent the area. If the fishing lodges aren't giving you a good deal, try to find a nearby motel not too far from the spot. The best deal you can get, however, is a free one. If you know a buddy who lives in your target area, try to organize a group trip and charm your friend into offering his place. The best fishing trips are those spent with good friends, anyway. Sweeten the deal by offering to take care of different expenses, like gas, food and drinks, and promise that you'll leave the house in perfect working order. If you're lucky, you might just score some free lodging for yourself and a small group of your best fishing buddies.

The best fishing usually occurs early morning, when things are quiet, and there are fewer fishermen around to compete with for the better spots. Try and plan your trip accordingly, adjusting your departure time to make sure you get to the spot near dawn. Take your car in for a checkup the day before, so that your trip won't be spoiled by an early morning breakdown. It'd do you a lot of good to study the road maps ahead of time, too, so you can plot the fastest course to your destination.


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