How To Take Your Cat Camping

While dogs are very active in outdoor activities, you cannot usually see cats playing outside alone. Normally, cats are active during the night. This is because cats are nocturnal. They just want to sleep and lie on their back all day long licking their paws and playing. If you want to take your cats out like on camping trips, and you have doubts about it, follow this tips on how you could make your cat enjoy on a camping trip.

  • Check its behavior. Before deciding to take out your cat, you must observe its character. Try to take your cat outside your house. If it meows in fright, this is a sign that neither of you will have a good time camping. Otherwise, if find your cat enjoying outside by rolling around and walking, this can be an indication that you will be going to have some fun at your camping trip.
  • Use a cat harness. Use a cat harness and leash at least four weeks prior to your camping plan. This is to help your cat adapt to the harness that it will be using throughout your camp. Try to take them out with their leash, but you have to make sure that the leash is safe and won’t slip out. You can condition your cat by taking it out in the backyard with its harness on. Take your cat to a park or a field. You can let the cat wander around with its leash on. This will help your cat get used to it, so it will not have a hard time adjusting.   
  • Take a test drive. If you already conditioned your cat in outdoor activities, you should also observe its behavior while in the car. If you find your cat comfortable while the car is moving, this can be a good sign. Otherwise, you have to help it adjust by taking it driving regularly before you go camping. You will need to use a cat carrier so it stays safe and comfortable while you drive.
  • After you have conditioned your cat, you try to see its level of comfort in the outside world, and with the leash. If the results are good, then you should probably have a good time together in your camping trip. At the camp site, you should make sure to leash your cat at all times. If your cat has difficulty in adjusting, then you might have a hard time taking it on a trip.
  • Prepare the things. If your cat has already been prepared, then you also have to organize the things your cat will need. You have to put all your pet’s materials, such as foods, harness and leash, comb, collars, toiletries, medications and toys in one particular bag. Put a tag on your pet’s leash with your address and contact number on it in case of emergencies, and in case it gets lost.

Going out to camping is a great way to enjoy the nature. Taking your pets can be more interesting and adventurous. However, there are instances that your pet—particularly household cats—might feel awkward going on a nature trip. On the other hand, there are many ways to prepare your pets for them to enjoy outside activities, such as by conditioning them and through practice.


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