How To Teach Ice Skating

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Ice skating is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. But you'll need to know a few basics before you set foot on the rink and begin to teach others. In the U.S., there are a few qualifications you need to have before you can become a qualified skating instructor. Here's a quick guide on how to teach ice skating.

Step 1

Perfect your own skating skills first. To teach anyone the sport of ice skating, you first need to be a great skater yourself. This comes with years of practice and dedication to becoming a great ice skater. Even though you may think that you are qualified to teach ice skating to beginners when you know a bit more than them, beginners should actually be taught by the most experienced and qualified ice skating instructors available, to give them the best start. So if you want to teach ice skating, first focus on getting your skills as good as they can be.

Step 2

Look for a mentor. Once you've gotten your own years of experience in ice skating, start to transition to being an ice skating instructor by finding a mentor to work with you as you learn coaching. This person should be Master-rated with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA). Work with your mentor as often as possible, and absorb all the information you can about teaching ice skating.

Step 3

Join the PSA. An ice skating teacher must be a member of the Professional Skaters Association. So join the PSA, and start attending training seminars there. There will be some courses and certifications that you'll be required to have. Learn about what is involved in teaching individual and group lessons. Inquire about obtaining your liability license through PSA, so that you are insured when you begin to teach ice skating. This will be the first big step you take in learning how to teach ice skating.

Step 4

Attend basic skills seminars. Along with training through PSA, you should also attend some basic skating skills seminars or ice skating instructor workshops to develop your skills as an ice skating teacher. You might also want to assist with classes at your local ice arena. Any seminar or training you attend will help you learn from experienced instructors, which is a great way to learn how to teach ice skating.

Step 5

Teach group lessons. Once you become a qualified ice skating instructor, you can start teaching people how to skate. You will need to start by teaching group ice skating lessons. This will give you a good idea of whether ice skating is something you want to teach for any length of time. Through group lessons, you'll probably acquire a few individuals who prefer private lessons, but this will take some time while people get comfortable with you.

Teaching ice skating won't make you rich. So it's a good idea to have a second career, if you're planning on being an instructor. Give yourself a little time to build up your clientele, and with some perseverance and hard work, you'll be a trusted and well-trained ice skating teacher.


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