How To Telemark Ski in Wet Powder

Telemark skiing is a type of downward sloping turn that is performed through bent knees while the heels from the inside are lifted and at the same time, the weight is transferred on the outside ski creating an advanced maneuver with a continuous inward angle until the turn is finished. In order for you to successfully achieve this challenging act, it is important that you use cross-country skis. Today, it has become a popular individual sports and recreations. As you know, executing this turn is easier on dry snow. However, Telemark skiing on wet powder is a whole different story. To avoid falling flat on your face, continue reading and learn more about how to do this maneuver on wet snow.

Speed up. This kind of maneuver is only possible with the right amount of speed and traction. Make sure that you keep this in mind at all times or else, you might find yourself in a very dangerous fall at the middle of a steep mountain. You can easily do this by gaining speed in thick powder. Drop your knees as low as you can and put your weight forward. As your speed increases, make a turn to your right.

Drop the right knee. Now slowly and carefully move in a semi upright position. Drop your right knee as low as you can without losing your balance and bend it forward. Put as much weight as you possible can on the bent knee. At this stage, maintaining a steady balance can be pretty challenging. Just keep on practicing until you completely nail it down.

Get low. Get ready for your next turn. Start sinking by carefully bending and turning your knees, ankles and hips without losing your timing. Make a close turn by aiming your body closer to the snow. The trick is making sure that you are able to drop yourself as low as you can, way past your normal drop on a regular ski.

Rise and turn. With the same tempo, rise by placing your body in an upright position. This will put you out of your current turn. Now sharply drop your left knee for your next left turn. Gain some speed by putting in as much weight on your left bent leg.

Lean back and drop. When the snow starts to puddle, lean your body back a bit. Position your body as low as you can while putting some weight on your back leg. Surf the snow by riding using the front part of your lead ski. Again, timing is everything. Always keep that in mind.

You have to be aware that skiing is a sport that is physically demanding so make sure that you adhere to the standard guidelines and procedures about safety and protection to avoid any serious injuries that might come your way. It is highly advisable that you attend proper training before you even try this advanced maneuver. And if you were going to do this turn often, it would be a great idea if you acquire a wider ski. This will give you floating capabilities that can come in handy. Good luck and have fun!


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