Hot To Throw a Gyroball

A Gyroball is not really a ball. It is a pitching technique that originated from Japan. It was developed as a throwing technique by Kazushi Tezuka, a baseball instructor – with the help of a scientist named Ryutaro Himeno. Believe it or not, but this pitch was researched scientifically. Computer simulations were done to prove that the pitch could be possibly done. It has also been created so that a pitcher would be able to reduce the stress when throwing a ball. Tons of books were made to explain how it could be possibly performed. It has also been known as the “Miracle Pitch”. The throw can be perfected if the pitcher was able to sync his body and the ball's motion.

The idea of the Gyroball pitch came to Tezuka when he was in a Japanese toy store and found a toy that is called “X-Zylo Ultra”. When the toy is thrown, it could fly for around more than 500 feet because of the toy's gyroscopic capability. The motion of the Gyroball is almost similar to a fired bullet, since the bullet spins forward.

But how do they manage to do such a great technique? Well, here are the steps on how you could perfect it, but mind you though that this takes a lot of practice and it is really hard to pull it off:

  • Hold the ball firmly along with the seams or against the seams and make it look like as if you are going to throw a fastball.
  • Once you are ready to throw the ball, you have to make sure that your shoulders and your hips will move at the same time.
  • While your shoulders turn, you should be able to perform the sidespin by moving your arms forward, and down.
  • Then pull your fingers down to the ball as it gets released to your fingers.
  • As you twist inward you should be able to pull off the gyro spin.
  • While throwing it, make sure you throw the ball using the sidearm throw. A sidearm throw will make it easier to pull the ball down and make it spin sideways.
  • The rotation of your arms and your body, if performed perfectly, will greatly improve the accuracy of the ball, speed and angle will greatly affect it as well.
  • You can try using a football first and practice the gyroball technique. Once you see it spin perfectly then it might be the best time for you to start doing it with a baseball.

Once you can perform Gyroball, next thing to do is to invite your friends for a game of baseball. Try giving normal basic throws first then go for Gyroball once you are ready. Take note that even if the batter was able to hit the ball, it is most likely that the ball will just move towards the strike line.


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