How To Tie Spinner Bait on Fishing Line

A spinner bait is a type of fishing lure with a soft plastic body or skirt that is equipped with one or more metal blades that spins like a propeller when cast. This creates flashes and vibrations that mimic the appearance of small fish, which will then attract larger specimens, such as bass and trout. Among the many uses of the versatile spinner bait are for finding fish, deep and shallow water bait and wide area bait.

To properly tie your spinner bait on a fishing line, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Prepare the materials: spinner bait, fishing line, fishing pole and cutter or scissors.
  2. Loosen an adequate amount of line from your pole for your lure. Around 10 cm. will be enough to firmly fix the bait to the pole. Don’t use too much line, as any excess will just be trimmed off after tying.
  3. Grasp the bait in such a way that the tie loop is directed up. This is the tiny metal ring mounted on a metal bar that is hinged to the main bait. The metal bar allows the bait to twist and move without becoming ensnared in the string.
  4. Insert the line into the tie loop then make a few knots along it. This will ensure that the lure will not break free when the fish is struggling free.
  5. You can also use an improved clinch knot to secure the bait. Wrap the tag end around the main line, starting near the loop then working your way upwards. Around six or seven turns will be sufficient. Pull the tag end down and insert it through the small eye formed with the line. Afterwards, pass the tag end through the larger loop formed at the side of the knot. Finally, pull the knot tightly to fix it.
  6. Check the hooks in the lure are sharp and clean. Sharpen or replace the hooks if they’re not sharp enough. Many spinner baits are equipped with hooks, so there’s no need to add extra hooks.
  7. Beware of sharp objects. These include the hooks and your cutter. You may inflict injuries on yourself and others when casting your pole, trimming your line or retrieving the fish from the hook. Bring iodine solution and gauze along with your supplies just in case.
  8. Cut any extra line once you tie the knots. This will make increase the chance your line will remain tangle-free.
  9. Test your handiwork. Cast your pole, retract the line and simulate other fishing techniques several times to check if the spinner bait stays tight in the line. If the bait doesn’t stay in place, cut it from the line and repeat the process until it is secure.

You’re ready to fish now. Reel the line in, check the assembly once more then head off to your choice of fishing grounds for a day catching fish. And once you’re done for the day, make sure to clean your spinner bait and store it in a nice, dry spot until your next fishing trip.


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