How To Use a Camelback Hydration System

The camelback hydration system was probably invented by a person who wanted to avoid spilling water on his face every time he drank from his water canteen. Hiking may cause hydration problems and ensuring that you have ample hydration gear should be a priority in any hike. Boarding, running, paddling or skiing causes your body to push itself to its limit and ensuring that your body is well hydrated is important. The average individual needs at least 64 ounces of water a day but when you are exercising, your body may need a liter worth of water for every hour of exercise.

Portable hydration systems are convenient for outdoor adventurers and athletes. The type of hydration pack you choose to use should match your needs, whether you want to use a camo source hydration pack while playing paintball or a platypus hydration pack in a molle for that 25 km marathon. But no matter which hydration system you choose, it can work well for you if you follow these simple suggestions on how to use a camelback hydration system.

  1. First, set up your hydration gear by taking your "bladder" reservoir from the outer pack and filling it up with water or any hydration drink. You could choose to pop the reservoir in the freezer the night before, filling the reservoir halfway with water and just adding more water in the morning.
  2. After filling your reservoir, make sure you seal it tightly. If you don't want to fill it up to the brim, it would be good to remove the excess air (most hydration gear has a valve just for this purpose).
  3. Pack your reservoir in your backpack or waist pack.
  4. Hold the sipper tube (made of rubber or flexible plastic) and adjust its position so that it is comfortable to use.
  5. Make sure all your other stuff is also in the pack and zip it up.
  6. Put your arms through the straps of your backpack and make sure it is balanced evenly. If you are using a waist pack or belt bag, adjust the belt securely so the hydration pack will not be wobbly and cumbersome.
  7. Hold the sipper tube and place it over your left or right shoulder (whichever you prefer).
  8. Put the bite-valve securely in your mouth. When you need to drink, take a sip.
  9. You can force out excess water by blowing into the tube or you could just allow gravity to work and allow the liquid to flow out.

After using your camelback hydration system, make sure to clean out the reservoir and sipper tube right away or you will eventually forget to do it. Dry out everything first before storing your hydration system in your basement. Taking care of your hydration gear well means you can depend on it for your personal hydration the next time you go out for some serious running or biking. Your dependable camelback hydration system will help keep away fatigue and dehydration problems and make every outdoor exercise a good and satisfying experience.


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