How To Wear Bullet Proof Body Armor

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The first thing you should know about protecting yourself from firearms is what bullet proof body armor is. Bullet proof body armor protects the user from injury by absorbing most of the energy expended from the bullet, deforming it and consequently preventing it from penetrating both the armor and its wearer. Bullet proof body armor comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of firearm it was designed to resist and the mobility that it can afford its user.  The most common body armor comes in the form of vests which are very similar to jackets but without the sleeves.  These type of armor can be easily found for sale to civilians. Here are some things to consider when wearing a body armor:

  1. Determine what type of body armor you need to wear.  Not all body armors are alike.  Your choice of armor will largely depend on what you need it for.  If you are expecting to run straight into a hail of gunfire, you are obviously looking for something bulky and heavy and thus ensuring maximum protection.  However, if you just want to wear the armor as a precautionary measure, consider choosing a lightweight armor that can be easily concealed under your clothes.
  2. Make sure that all your vital parts are covered by the armor.  Being covered with body armor from head to toe is probably not the most practical way to go unless you are considering a career as a target dummy.  It is impractical and foolish for you to think you can wear a full set of body armor all the time. Hence, it is important for you to check how well the body armor fits around your body.  Make sure that all vital organs in your torso are covered by the armor. Tighten all the straps and be sure that there are no gaps in between.
  3. Take care that you can move with relative ease.  Wearing body armor does make you invulnerable to gunfire.  The ability to move around is essential to survival.  Wearing your armor in such as way as to lessen its effects on your mobility can be a life saver.  Remember that it is always easier to hit and kill a slow moving target than a fast moving one. 
  4. Know what your vulnerabilities are.  Every armor has its weak points.  For example, armors designed to withstand bullets can offer little protection against knives or shrapnel from grenades.  Helmets cannot protect you from direct shots to the head.  Knowing the limitations of your body armor can help you decide what course of action to take during life or death situations.
  5. Always run and duck for cover.  In the end, nothing stops bullets better than a good solid wall.  Cover can be your best armor of all.  Be it buildings, cars or tanks, it is always a good idea to move behind cover and limit your exposure to danger.  If you are a proud owner of a bullet proof vehicle, staying inside it is the best option.  Even its windows are covered with bullet proof glass that makes it exceptionally hard to break.  Because armor plated vehicles are so effective, high level officials often use them to move around when they are hosting important events.

With today’s rampant use of firearms, you can never be too careful and wearing bullet proof armors is sadly becoming more necessary.  Becoming acquainted with them can save your life one day.


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