How To Wiggle Your Ears

So you've entered a talent contest and you need a talent? Or perhaps you need to fill an uncomfortable 20 second pause in a conversation. Why not learn how to wiggle your ears? It's simple enough to do, and once you learn how to wiggle your ears, you'll surely have a following of grinning, giggling supporters who want to learn how to wiggle their ears too. Follow these few simple steps and you'll be wiggling your ears in no time.

  1. Be confident. Everyone is born able to wiggle their eyes, although considering the facial muscles that are used, it's usually easier for adults to do.
  2. Do a test run. Before you can use the correct facial muscles to learn how to wiggle your ears, you need to find the correct facial muscles. You can easily do this by clenching your back teeth together (your molars, for those of you who prefer to be technical). Put one molar on top of the other, and press them together. Make sure you're not grinding them. Just touch them together, and then slightly move your jaws in a back and forth motion. Good.
  3. Practice. Over the next few days, you'll need to repeat the above move a few times in order to develop the muscles needed to wiggle your ears. Press your two molars together, and try to move your eyebrows. Then practice moving your cheeks. As you begin moving your cheeks with your teeth clenched together, you may begin to notice the first signs of ear movement. As silly as it may sound, you may want to practice this step in front of a mirror so you can more easily identify which muscles are being used and which facial features are moving.
  4. Forge ahead. Once you've been able to successful wiggle your eyebrows and cheeks for a few days now, focus on wiggling your ears. There is a muscle right in front of your ears that's going to do all the work, but it takes focus to get it to work. Once you've focused in on the correct muscle needed to wiggle your ears, that muscle will begin to develop. From here, you'll just need to practice until wiggling your ears seems second nature.
  5. Speed up the process. You will find that after a short time, it will be no longer necessary to clench your teeth together. The purpose of this task was to simply get your mouth at the right angle. If you can isolate your ear wiggling muscles without clenching your teeth, then you've successfully taught yourself how to wiggle your ears.

And that's all there is to it. Learning how to wiggle your ears is simply a process of isolating the correct facial muscles and then working with them until they can wiggle your ears. Unlike curling your tongue, everyone is able to wiggle their ears. So no matter what your age, rest assured that in a matter of days you can easily learn how to wiggle your ears.


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