How To Learn About Famous Volleyball Players

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To see the best and most famous volleyball players in the world, the best places to go is the homepage for the Association of Volleyball Professionals, They have an excellent website, including drop down menus for the top 50 male and female volleyball players in the world, such as Phil Dalhausser or Kerri Walsh. They also have a general search function that lets you look up any volleyball player presently on the tour. Additionally, there is a "History of the AVP" section that goes back as far as 1895! Using that one could easily learn about many of the most famous volleyball players of all time. The AVP homepage is an excellent spot to begin educating oneself on volleyball players around the world.

Another excellent resource would be the International Volleyball Federation's homepage, While the AVP is dedicated primarily to beach, the FIVB includes both beach and indoor volleyball. It also includes an excellent history section, entitled "The Story of the Game," which will teach you more about famous volleyball players throughout history.

If you're mostly interest in famous volleyball players who play for the US, check out This website is dedicated to those volleyball players famous and skilled enough to play for the US national team, either indoor or beach. It also has information about the US juniors teams, so you can see who the up and coming volleyball players are. These are the players who will one day become famous as they go on to become Olympic caliber volleyball players. The site is filled with news and video links to let you learn all about the best players in the world. Clicking on the menu called "athletes" will let you click to any roster you might want to, so you can see who the best and most famous volleyball players are in any given division. They also have an excellent resources section that can teach you the rules, show you the equipment the famous players are using, and even help you sign up if you want to become a famous volleyball player yourself.

The last place to go to learn all about famous volleyball players is the Volleyball Hall of Fame, By clicking the section marked "honorees," you can see everyone who has been inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame. Clicking a name will give a short bio on the player. You'll be an expert before you know it!


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