How To Do Killer Basketball Crossovers

A crossover isn't a crossover without the right dribble. A basketball crossover begins from one hand, preferably your dominant or strong hand, bounces off the floor and transfers to the other side. A basketball crossover cannot be considered a killer move unless it's performed swiftly enough. Killer basketball crossovers are brought into play to keep the opponent from stealing the ball or to get past the guard.

Basketball crossovers involve dribbling patiently. Don't rush until you find the right moment. Keep in mind that the lower you dribble, the quicker and better it is. That's it, in learning basketball crossovers, you make it a point that the ball is always in your control. You have to keep your hands close together. If the ball is the one controlling you, you won't be able to execute a killer crossover. Needless to say, don't do it at all if your body is not prepared.

Since this is a killer move, making the attempt will depend a lot on doing a power jump and a precise positioning from your lower torso. Be ready to get fouled as you go to the ring. Defend the ball from your opponent with the elbow as you go up. This is of course easier said than done, but supplementary instructions (and constant practice) will help.

  1. Perform freestyle for two to three seconds to get your antagonist squat and then keep dribbling with your left hand.
  2. When the opponent is low, take a tiny footstep towards your challenger with your right leg, and bounce the ball firm off the floor while maintaining it on your left.
  3. As the ball rebounds up, change your momentum frontward. For a split second, your feet as one should be off the ground. Take note that it is not a jump.
  4. At the same time as the ball is hanging in the air with your hand next to it, thrust with your right leg to shift your full body along with the ball a little to your forward-left as if you are gearing left. Just another tip, do not bounce the ball at this time. This is a fake to make your opponent budge. Try to add a shoulder fake if you think it's necessary.
  5. Land through your left foot and instantly thrust hard with it to your right. Almost immediately as your body starts to shift to your right, bounce the ball from your left hand to your right hand by executing a swift crossover in front.
  6. When your body is totally on the right, push firmly with your right leg forward as you lower your body as much as doable. Shove the ball in front for a bounce to prevent steals from behind.

Time and again the player on the defensive team will make too much of you to your strong side. If that is the case, you have to practice crossover from a left-to-right move to a right-to-left one. Also being able to dribble equally good with your left and right hands will help you get ahead of defensive overplays. Killer crossover moves in basketball engage a lot of faking and a particularly keen sense of judgment.


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