How To Make a Recruiting Video for College Basketball

College can be intimidating for high school seniors, and even more so for prospective athletes, who must sell their abilities to college recruiters in hopes of full ride athletic scholarships.  For players who are not McDonald's All-Americans, or not one of the top 100 prospective high school basketball recruits by scouts, it is often difficult to generate interest from college basketball scouts, placing the burden of exposure on the individual athlete.

Athletes who are not widely recruited should look to get their name and proof of ability to scouts through recruiting videos.  A recruiting video is simple to make, and is the perfect way for high school basketball players to show their personal character, athletic ability, and ability to be a part of a team to college scouts.  Here's how to make a recruiting tape with only a video camera, empty videocassette or DVD, a handy cameraman, and some free time. With this, a great recruiting video can be produced, helping your chances of playing college basketball.

First, start the video by telling scouts information about yourself, such as your name, high school, jersey number, number of years on varsity, your individual statistics and accomplishments, and then your team's record and accomplishments.  Then make a highlight reel of the twenty best plays throughout your senior season, with coaches and teammates adding commentary and personal notes about you in between highlights.  Get them to talk about the type of teammate you are, and the leadership skills you provide, as well as what type of athletic ability you possess, and how you could strongly make a difference on any college team.

After the highlight reel/interviews, move on to an in-depth interview from your parents and close friends, to show what type of person you are outside of basketball within your community.  Reaching out to scouts on this level is important, because they want to recruit players who are also good people, making it an essential portion of your college recruiting film.

End your recruiting video with a final thought.  Make sure to show a genuine interest for their school, tell them about what you hope to accomplish while attending and playing at their school, and end it by thanking them for their time.  Include additional video of full games, so recruiters can observe how you play throughout a whole game.  Usually two game videos fill this need.

With minimal equipment, spare time, and a genuine attitude, a college recruiting video can easily be made.


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