How To Understand Ghost Hunting

The presence of ghosts has never been scientifically proven. Yet, the public interest in ghosts continues to increase. It's too scary for some, but for curiosity’s sake, are you willing to enter the world of paranormal investigators?

Two of the most common activities undertaken by paranormal investigators are:

  1. Ghost hunting in a place that has no documented evidence of a ghostly presence. They visit these sites to try to catch some ghosts on video or in photos. The usual places for ghost hunting are graveyards, schools, churches, old buildings, and sites of heinous crimes.
  2. Paranormal investigations which are conducted at the location of a known haunting. The main purpose of this activity is to prove or disprove the presence of ghosts in the area. You will do this through recording videos, audio, photos, temperature, interviews, and notes.

Whichever activity interests you the most, you will most probably encounter three types of ghosts.

  1. Residual ghosts. These ghosts are similar to a video playback. They appear over and over again in the same time and place, and they just repeat a certain happening in their past life. They don’t normally have the ability to communicate with the living, although they can appear as orbs or can sometimes be heard as electronic voice phenomena (EVP).
  2. Human ghosts. These ghosts were human in life, and they usually have no idea that they are already dead. So they do their usual routines like smoking tobacco, cooking in the kitchen, writing on a typewriter, and so on. These ghosts can be perceived by paranormal experts through scents, feel, EVP, or orbs.
  3. Non-human spirits. These ghosts consist of devils and demons. Their presence is very rare compared with other types of ghosts. However, they have the ability to physically, mentally, or emotionally harm people.

You can successfully ghost hunt if you have the basic paranormal devices like cameras (digital or 35mm), flashlights (don’t forget to bring spare batteries), first aid kits, notebooks, pens, jackets, and watches.

It will be better to use advanced hunting devices like a hunting video camera, tape recorder with external microphone, EMF detector/EMF meter, compass, motion detectors, thermal scanner, radios, candles, matches, and a cellular phone.

If you have everything ready, then you are definitely ready to do a paranormal investigation. But before you do:

  • Make sure you are familiar with the place. If not, familiarize yourself with it in daylight. You will not only avoid possible dangers, but this is also helpful in effective ghost hunting or investigation.
  • You msut never ghost hunt all by yourself. You should have some friends or interested people go with you. You may still be frightened, even if your friends are there, but at least you can help one another.
  • Plan to start the investigation at the right time. The best time for paranormal investigation is between 9pm and 6am. These are believed to be the psychic hours. But this does not mean that you can’t go there anytime you please. Any time of the day can produce results, but ghost hunting is considered to be most effective within the psychic hours. An EMF detector or EMF meter works best during this time-frame, too.
  • It's important that you have done research concerning the place. Ask locals or read newspapers about the place.

The job of paranormal investigators is not as simple as it's portrayed on TV. Hunting for ghosts can be dangerous, too. So along with the above tips and devices, you should carry with you your undying courage when entering the world of paranormal investigation.


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