How To Play Futbol

Futbol is the most popular sport in the world. Every age group can play or learn to play futbol. There are easy steps to learn to control and move the ball. After you learn and practice the basics, you can begin to learn the Laws of the Game. Each side has eleven players consisting of the goalies, defenders, forwards and strikers. You can learn the specifics of these positions after you learn the basics of the game. You may never touch the futbol with your hands.

Dribbling the ball is the first task for any futbol player, so they can control the ball. Start with the ball in front of you; you always want to keep it close to your feet for dribbling. Then tap the ball with the inside of your foot, while traveling with the ball, tap the ball again. The player should practice traveling using both feet and putting your foot on the ball to stop its motion. Try to use cones, trees, or other balls to dribble around to learn how to control the strength of your tap and speed. When you can dribble the ball with the inside of your foot, you can begin to learn to pass the futbol.

Passing the futbol is essential to the game. You must never kick the ball to pass with your toe, because you can control the ball. Use the inside of your foot to pass. Try tapping it with the left foot, and then kicking with the inside of your foot. Practice these passes with both feet, and work on accuracy by passing to someone else or to a cone. After you have developed this pass, you can pass with the outside of your foot. This is much harder to do, but is an effective passing technique.  Practice keeping your head and shoulders up; do not look constantly at the ball.

Controlling the ball consists of trapping the ball, so that you can redirect it with a dribble or pass. The player can use the inside or outside of his foot to control the ball or redirect it. The sole of his foot is excellent for stopping the ball, so that you can begin to dribble. As someone passes to you, trying stopping the ball with sole of your foot and either dribble or pass in a smooth transition. Futbol is a very fluid game and the players move and transition quickly.


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