How To Play Indoor Tennis

Every sports enthusiast is guided by a true love-of-the-game mentality. Sometimes, though, what initially compels us to act is founded simply on the notion of being outdoors, breathing fresh air and letting the sun help us whip up a good stream of sweat. Not everyone is so inclined, however. Playing the "game" anytime, anywhere, on any surface, is the supreme goal. It explains why some golfers are content to swat the ball and then hunt it down with an electric cart.

Tennis players are traditionally found in the great outdoors. After all, it's where the game began on the grassy fields of England. With the advent of tennis clubs and indoor courts, the player is suddenly treated to certain advantages.

Playing indoor tennis will not make you a better player. You'll still have to bring your 'A' game if you want to destroy your opponent. But there is more than a modest amount of comfort in the security of a roof and four walls. As you battle back and forth with the ball, you have the luxury of not having to battle the elements.

Indoor tennis courts are temperature controlled environments. You'll still work up a good sweat but you won't feel the crushing drain that comes with hours in the sun. Also, you won't have to contend with the sun's glare when you toss the ball to serve. Conversely, you don't have to fret the lack of sunlight if your preferred time to take to the court happens to be late of an evening. Outdoor facilities generally have sodium lighting but you can lose track of the ball against dark backgrounds or lengthy shadows. Indoor tennis courts remove all doubt with high, permeable illumination. There are virtually no shadows to trouble the eye.

Probably the best feature of playing indoor tennis is not having your shot fall prey to a shift in wind or a sudden gust. The ball will go exactly where you hit it. This might be slightly disconcerting to one who constantly hits "home-runs" beyond the baseline. You can't blame Mother Nature!

Aside from being insulated from the stalking surprises of the outdoors, playing indoor tennis offers an array of benefits. Most clubs supply training areas, showers and even lounges where you can cool down and satisfy a hunger or thirst. And after two or three grueling sets of tennis, kicking back can be better than hunting a golf ball with an electric cart.


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