How To Play Scottish Football

If you want to play Scottish football but don't know where to start, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Do some research.  You could find articles about Scottish football on the Internet and you could find these by typing out ‘Scottish Football' on your search engine.  You would also see various websites that describe the game more comprehensively so check out these.  You may find out helpful information about the game such as its history, its developments, the rules of playing, the equipment needed and how it is played. 
  • Read books about Scottish football.  Your library will have books about this sport in the sports section.  If not, you could buy these in bookstores.  You could also go to shops that sell sports items and ask if they have books that you could read to learn how to play Scottish football. 
  • Watch videos of Scottish football.  You could see this online or in the sports channel.  You could even see Scottish football being played on television shows or movies.  Pay attention to how it is played and you could even get some techniques just by watching.
  • Ask your coach to train you to play Scottish football.  He can make you join teams that are training for Scottish football games.  He will teach you the basics of Scottish football first before going to the more advanced techniques so prepare to keep going back for more trainings.
  • Look in directories.  These are available online and you could look for Scottish football coaches and trainers by clicking on options or typing keywords.
  • Look in the classified ads.  These may contain advertisements of Scottish football coaches and trainers.  Their contact information will be listed on these and you could call, e-mail or visit them in person in order to arrange trainings and lectures.
  • Join Scottish football teams.  You could go to your town's sport center and see whether they offer Scottish football games that you could join.  Ask about requirements you need to submit in order for you to be registered as a team member.  You would be able to join some of these for free.
  • Meet those who play Scottish football.  If you know people who play the game, go to them and ask them how to play their sport.  They will be able to give you tips on how to play the game as well as things you could do so that you could play the game yourself. 
  • Practice your sport.  Find teammates and trainers so that you could play Scottish football together.  If you practice well enough to the point that you are good at playing, you may join contests and tournaments.  Look for advertisements of these in various places: in the Internet, in newspapers, in ads, flyers, posters or bulletins. 

Playing Scottish football is fun and fulfilling.  Find ways to learn the sport and train well so that you could keep fit, join contests, win awards and be a football star.


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