How To Play Squash

Squash is a great sport that is good for anybody who is looking for some exercise or just something to do in their free time. To participate in this sport you will need some tennis shoes so you don't trip over your feet as well as a rubber ball and a racket. Some people will also purchase goggles as protection for their eyes. If you get hit in the face with the ball it could definitely hurt.      

You can play this sport with either two people or you can team up and play with four people. The game starts out by one person hitting the ball to start the serve. The player will try to hit it against the wall so it bounces back to your opponent and the opponent has to try to hit the ball back. The ball is rallied back and forth until either one of players hits the ball out of bounds or doesn't hit the before it bounces twice. Many players do not serve correctly. To do so the ball that you are serving is required to hit the wall between the two red lines. Bottom line is called the "serve line" and the top line is called the "out of court line." If the ball does not hit in between these lines on a serve it will result in your loss and your opponent's point.     

Scoring is easy and usually one game ends rather quickly. Each round of the game is three rounds. If the server or their team loses the ball, the other team will be able to serve to try to gain one point. If the opposite team of who is serving loses the ball, then the server's team will receive one point. The server and their team are the only ones that can gain a point. The server switches every time they lose the ball. Whichever team reaches nine points will be declared the winner of that round. Whoever wins the most rounds at the end is declared the champion of the entire game. Some players will change the rules and create more rounds in a game which is fine as long as your opponents agree to it.      

The only way to become really good at squash is to practice. Find a building to practice outside with your friends and family before trying to compete on the court. This is a great pastime and a great way to get in shape. Practice makes perfect.


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