How To Compare Popular Head Lamp Brands

For those of us who are cyclists, we all know how hard it is to travel at night. Walking at night without any lights is hard enough, but cycling is much worse. Back in the day, they used to tape flashlights to their bikes just so they could see. However, these days, head lamps, or head torches are all the rage. These head lamps, colloquially known as head LEDs, are popular not just with cyclists but for night workers as well. These attachments that are wrapped around your head make working at night so much easier. In fact, some of the head lamps available are strong enough to make it seem like day. However, there are a lot of head lamp brands, and here are some of the more popular ones.


Cateye Head lamps are known for their brightness, durability, and value-for-money purpose. Probably their best selling product, the Cateye Neko LED Head Torch features a powerful LED, a brightness of 500 CD, their Cateye magnetic switch technology which makes their products watertight, a lockable switch to prevent accidental switching when inside your bag, a function that lets you check the batteries through colors (green for full, yellow for 50% and 10% for red) and an adjustable light angle for head corner bulbs. They also come with three AAAs that can be replaced with other brands like Energizer. At full charge, they can run at 45 hours in high power, 70 hours in low power, and 80 hours on blinking standby. Another popular product is the Cateye Tora Superbright +3. It was specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. With a 700 CD brightness for runners and cyclists at night with cloud or tree cover, it offers sufficient light to prevent any accidents. It also has a lower setting at 0.5 watts for map-reading and other close-up applications. Weighing in at 120 grams, and using 3 AAA batteries, they are useful enough and light for outdoor recreation, serious sporting, or working at night. Cateye Tora Superbright +3 costs $73 online, price varies with shipping costs.


Petzl invented the first headlamp. In most cases and for many outdoor rock climbing enthusiasts and workers, PETZL is as synonymous with headlamps as batteries are to Energizer. Their latest offerings are perhaps the most pioneering works in head lamps and head torches today. Their DUO series is perhaps one of the most popular brands.  Their DUO 14LED is a waterproof headlamp good for sailing, extreme rock climbing, and pretty much anything extreme that nature has come up with. With 14 LEDS for flooding and a halogen bulb with variable focus, the 14 LED lights can pierce through 34 meters of darkness at full power with only smaller changes as the battery goes lower. With the Halogen Bulb, this pierces the barriers at 134 meters. 4 AA Batteries are enough to make this beast lighten up even the darkest of nights.

Head lamps normally use conversion lamps, that is, Xenon LEDs that are converted on the assembly line. They are also sturdy enough for workers in shipyards and outdoorsmen alike. However, there is a limit to what they can handle, and as they are quite expensive, utmost care should be taken into consideration. Warranties last from 6 months to three years of use and shelf lives are at 10 years. All in all, if you are planning to take up a career in heavy machinery outdoors, mechanics, or even just recreational outdoors sports, head lamps are a good addition to your kit.


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