How To Rent Golf Carts

Golf carts can be rented for many functions such as large parties and business conventions.  They are also used by businesses such as storage facilites and apartments for showing people around.  They are easy to get in and out of and can offer a pleasant ride on a nice day.  One area near Atlanta called Peachtree City uses them for getting around town.  Some people buy golf carts and other people rent golf carts.  Following are some necessary steps for renting your first golf cart.

You will need to locate a place that sells or rents golf carts.  There are actual stores that rent these vehicles.  They can be found online or in the yellow pages.  Pick up the phone and find one that allows you to rent a golf cart.  They come in a variety of brands such as Yamaha and even Hummer.

Next, you will need to decide if you want a gas-powered cart or an electric one.  The electric carts are cheaper to operate as they can usually travel great distances without having to be recharged.  Golf carts take time to fill up and can also emit toxic fumes.  You also need to determine if you want a 2 passenger, 4 passenger or 6 passenger vehicle.

You need to make sure you find the best deal.  You can normally get price breaks if you rent by the month.  Compare prices and make sure there are no hidden costs.  Sometimes these companies charge you for delivery.

Decide when you need the golf cart and order it.  Make sure you allow enough time in advance to have the golf cart delivered.  You may even need to pick it up.  It sometimes takes up to a week to get one.

You will be required to fill out a rental agreement and make a deposit.  These deposits can range from $200 to $500.  Make sure you study the agreement and understand all of the conditions.

Once you have the golf cart, check it over and make sure you document any damage or defects.  Look around the vehicle and note any external damage.  Then look around the interior.  You do not want to be charged for something you didn't do.  And you definitely want to get your deposit back.

You can rent golf carts for a week or even longer.  But make sure you return it on time to avoid any late fees.


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