How To Select Browning Rifles

There are many different types of Browning rifles to choose from and depending on the need a specific rifle could be necessary.  They come in different styles and may even come with different colors and patterns.  Most of the time rifles are used for hunting or recreation, so they also come with different calibers and capacities.

Browning rifles are some of the most desired, affordable and practical rifles.  Most rifles produced now are not muzzle loaders, which mean the cartridge is loaded from the end of the barrel, so are therefore breech loaders.  There are many types of breech loader rifles which includes: automatic action, bolt action, break action, lever action, semi-automatic action, sidelock and slide action.  Most Browning rifles are auto-loading, lever action and semi-automatic action which makes them great for recreation or hunting. The current, most popular rifles that Browning has on the product line are the X-Bolt rifles (eight different types), A-Bolt rifles (eighteen different types), the BAR rifles (fourteen different types) and the BLR rifles (six different types).

The X-Bolt Browning rifles are bolt action and include many desirable features.  The X-Bolt feather trigger system promotes precise shooting by having the trigger screw be adjustable from 3-5 pounds of pressure.  This makes the trigger easier to depress and doesn't require the operator to shift to apply more pressure.  The X-Lock scope mounting system securely holds mounted optics for accuracy and precision, great for hunting or target practice.  There are dozens of features to be admired in the X-Bolt Browning rifles, but this doesn't make the others obsolete.

The BAR, Browning automatic rifle, is a gas-operated autoloader.  This means that the cartridges are loaded into the chamber automatically after the first shot is loaded.  There are three complete rings of steel which surround the cartridge, what this does is give the BAR precise accuracy and the ability to handle magnum loads for big game.

The BLR, Browning lever-action rifle, has the rifle mechanism activated by manual operation of the lever.  This allows for a more personal connection between the rifle and the operator, giving a secure feeling of control and safety.  The BLR is similar to the BAR in concept and end result, the only real difference is how the mechanism is activated.

The frictionless, individually machined barrels offer only the best accuracy and precision, they're heat treated and triple checked for straightness and uniformity.  The triggers are smooth, short and only require 3-5 pounds of pressure, making it easy and comfortable to fire.  All Browning rifles are shipped with a free trigger lock or safety lock of some sort to help assist in the safe storage of the firearm.  So whether it's an X-Bolt, A-Bolt, BAR or BLR, Browning creates quality products that all gun users and collectors can admire.


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