How To Select Remington Rifles

The Remington Arms Company makes a wide range of sporting rifles to suit the needs of diverse hunters and target shooters, whatever their sport. The selection of your Remington rifle will depend upon your intended use. Whether hunting big game with a centerfire rifle or plinking at tin cans with a rimfire model, Remington has a rifle perfectly suited to the task.

The mainstay of the Remington centerfire line is the venerable Model 700 rifle. It is available in a vast selection of calibers ranging from the super-fast Remington 17 Fireball which is used primarily for varmint hunting, to the devastating 458 Winchester Magnum which is capable of taking any game that walks the earth. Most users will select a caliber somewhere in between.

Remington also gives the user a choice of materials for the stock. The traditional material is wood, usually walnut, and it is available in a variety of grades. Remington also makes the Model 700 with a synthetic stock which is totally impervious to the elements. Your choice will be determined more by preference than by functionality, although a synthetic stock is far less prone to warpage than a wood stock. This is rarely a problem except in extreme climates.

All models of the Remington 700 are bolt action, and may be either long action or short action, a designation relating to chamber length, depending upon the caliber selected. You can alternately select the Remington Model 7 which is also bolt action but available in short action cartridges only. Many experienced hunters and target shooters consider the bolt action to be the most accurate action for a rifle, and the Remington 700 to be the most accurate mass-produced rifle on the market.

In exchange for its slight advantage in accuracy, the bolt action rifle sacrifices a small amount of speed in chambering the next round. A bolt action is inherently slower to cycle than either a pump action, a lever action or a semi-automatic. Remington pump action and semi-automatic rifles (they do not manufacture a lever action at this time) can be selected in nearly as many calibers, and with the same choices of stock materials, as their bolt action counterparts. Your selection of a Remington Model 7600 (pump), Model 750 (autoloading) or the iconic R-15, a civilian version of the military AR-15, will ensure a fast second, or third shot.

Remington's rimfire rifle, the model 547, is made only in bolt action. Perfect for a day of punching holes in tin cans.


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