How To Set Up a Baseball Field

Preparing the field for baseball

Baseball is America's favorite pastime. Summer Little League programs are quite popular, engaging hundreds of children and their families in the game, as are school baseball teams. Also thousands of fans can be found at ball parks the nation over cheering on their favorite Major and Minor League teams, season after season. Some people wish to take their passion for baseball even further by setting up their own baseball field. This way they and their family and/or friends can play the game whenever they wish. Here are some easy instructions for setting up your own baseball field.

Begin with a large, clear area of level ground. This will be where you set up your ball field. If you have a large enough area to set up a regulation ball field, great, if not, don't worry, just scale everything down to fit the area you have.

Decide where home plate is going to be and place that down first. You will measure from here to find the proper placement for most everything else.

Next you will need to figure out where second base belongs. To do this you measure from the back of home plate to a distance of 127'  3 3/8'' by Major or Babe Ruth League standards, 84' 10 ¼'' by Little league standards, 106'  ¾'', Pony League standards, or if this is just a backyard field with much more limited space, then scale down accordingly for the amount of space you have, keeping in proportion with the rest of the field. Mark this spot, this is where the middle  part of your second base should be located.

Next you need to determine where the pitcher's mound should be. To do this start measuring from the home plate. Measure to a distance of 60' 6'' for Major or Babe Ruth League standards, 46' for Little League standards, 54' for Pony League standards, or scale down accordingly for space you have if this is a backyard field.

Finally, measure out where 1st and 3rd base belong. For placement of 1st base measure from 2nd base towards the direction where 1st base would be. For placement of 3rd base measure from 2nd base in the direction towards where 3rd base would be. By Major and Babe Ruth League standards the correct distance between bases is 90', Little League is 60', Pony League is75'. Once again, scale these numbers down accordingly if you have less space to work with.


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