How To Set Up a Soccer Field

The proper set up of a soccer field is imperative to safe, fair and fun play  Fortunately, it is a very simple process and does not require much time. This article will outline exactly how to set up a soccer field.

First, a location must be selected. It should be a location that is as near level as possible. It will also have to be inspected for any holes or dips in the ground, which could pose several safety issues. If there are any holes, they will have to be filled in with dirt before play can begin. You can buy inexpensive garden soil from your local home improvement store.

Second, the boundaries of the soccer field will have to be clearly delineated. A regular soccer field is one-hundred yards long and sixty yards wide. This perimeter will have to be marked. Within the perimeter, there are several other boundaries to mark:

1. the midfield line (which divides the field lengthwise)
2. the center circle (a ten yard circle in the middle of the field)
3. the penalty boxes (rectangular boxes centered in front of the goals; they are forty-four yards wide and eighteen yards deep)
4. the penalty mark (this mark is centered twelve feet from the goal)

5. the goal kick area (this is a smaller rectangle within the penalty box; it is twenty yards wide by six yards deep)
6. the corner kick area (these are one yard quarter circles marked in each corner of the field)

To delineate the lines, there are several methods, depending on how much time and money you want to spend. The easiest way is to use an athletic field striper. This is a push machine, which looks like a lawn mower, and paints the lines for you automatically. It can prove a bit tricky, however, because you have to walk in a perfectly straight line. It is also costly. The machine, not including the paint, can cost well over $100.00. If you would prefer something a bit more budget friendly, you can use a paint wand. These usually only costs about $20.00. However, they are generally only used for touch-ups, because they are labor intensive. Lastly, if you are looking for the easiest and most inexpensive way to set up your soccer field, you could simply use cones. This is also a good idea because it allows you to remove the cones and use the location for other purposes if you need to.

The last thing that needs to be done to set up a soccer field is position the goals. The goals should be at each end of the field and centered. An adult soccer goal is twenty-four feet wide and eight feet high.


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