How To Shoot Rifles

The following are instructions for shooting a rifle.

One rifle shooting method is the B.R.A.S. technique. This method was devolved by the U.S. Army for training shooters. B.R.A.S. is a mnemonic that stands for Breathe, Relax, Aim and Squeeze.        

The first step, Breathe, is to help control the rifle from moving while you inhale and exhale. To do this step, you slow your breathing; as you prepare to shoot the rifle, you take a deep breath in and hold it in until you fire the rifle, and then you would exhale.      

The second step is to Relax. You should have a firm grip on the rifle, but not so tight that your muscles are tense. First, grip the gun with your off hand on the front part of the gun called the stock; you want to from a C with your hand and cradle it from underneath. Your other hand will grip the pistol grip of the rifle with your shooting finger indexed outside the trigger guard until you're ready to shoot the rifle.      

Third, you will Aim. You should have a clear view of your target before you are prepared to shoot your rifle. Once you have your target, you bring the rifle to the pocket of your shoulder with your dominant eye you sight in your target. This part will differ depending the type of sight your rifle has. Some will have open sights; others will have a scope.              

Fourth is Squeeze. Once you are ready to fire your rifle, you should move your index finger from the trigger guard to the trigger. With just the flat part of the tip of your finger, from the crease of your first knuckle up, slowly squeeze the trigger. If you use more of your finger or jerk the trigger you are more likely to push or pull the rifle as you are shooting and miss.      

These steps have been broken down so they can be explained, but when you are shooting the rifle they should be done together so you can have a fast yet accurate firing of the rifle. To recap, you will take a deep breath in; hold it; relax your muscles; aim with your sights or scope; and slowly squeeze the trigger with the tip of your index finger then exhale and prepare for your next shot. Hopefully with these tips you will know how to shoot a rifle more accurately.


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