How To Subdue Your Enemy in 4 Seconds

Using Tai Chai Technique

We often see old people performing slow motion routines of martial arts movements and exercises every morning in parks. They are performing Tai Chi. Tai Chi is often perceived and ridiculed as a weak and "soft" form of martial arts, because it doesn't use great, manly strength. Students are taught not to directly fight force with force, but to meet it with softness, and follow its natural motion. This is done until the force of attack exhausts itself, or is safely redirected. It is using the enemy's force and motion against himself. The philosophy of Tai Chi is using one's motion and center of gravity as a tool for healing, and believe it or not, as a potent weapon.

By following the proper technique and practice, you can subdue your enemy in 4 seconds using Tai Chi. This is how it is done:

  1. In an encounter with an enemy, face the enemy with your left leg forward and right leg behind. Your body should be tilted to your right, while your left hand should be extended, and your right hand folded in front as if to protect your torso. This also prevents your body from being exposed during an attack.
  2. If your enemy attacks, grab his right hand using your left hand. Do this in a swift and sudden motion. This is done by capturing the topside of your enemy's fingers. You should take note that his fingers should be facing upwards and kept bent towards him. This is done to control the joints on the base of your enemy's fingers. Catching his fingers too low will prevent you from doing this and could allow him to outmaneuver you. By locking his fingers you could now pull his arm downwards, using his force, and at the same time continue to bend his fingers backward to prevent him from folding back his fingers.
  3. Your body should move in one motion with the hand grab. To do this, move your right leg behind your left leg then move back to the natural position to keep your center of gravity. Remember to keep your body away from his left hand to avoid any strike from him. At the same time, your right hand should tightly grab the back of his right shoulder and use it as a fulcrum. Lift his right arm backwards and upward as high as possible. This technique has your enemy's arm locked already and will prevent him from moving, unless he wants his arm broken. This will give you enough leverage against your enemy.
  4. Continue to control him by pushing your hands in (while still holding his hand) towards his back. This method will twist his arms and leave your enemy helpless. With your right hand, push his head towards his left. This will also prevent him from punching you. At the same time, your right thumb should be pushing the artery below the jaw to cut blood supply to his head.

Doing this procedure in one quick, continuous motion will allow you to subdue your enemy in just 4 seconds using the Tai Chi technique. So who said Tai Chi is for the weak?


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