How To Tie Fishing Knots

A good fishing knot is very important to keep your fish on the line. When you choose you specific knot, choose what is best for your task. Be careful when tying to a hook. Always leave about a 6 inch tail to work with.

The Dropper Loop. This can be done in the middle of the line.

  • Make big loop holding where the lines meet.
  • Pull line though loop now you are looking at two loops making an 8.
  • Pull new loop into large loop going under about four times; there will be an eye-hole left.
  • Put big loop though eye-hole; hold loop and tighten ends.
  • Pull loop tight.
  • This knot is good for attaching bobbers.

Perfection Loop.

  • Make a small loop leaving tail.
  • Then take tail placing it over the loop.
  • Pull tail under main line.
  • Put the tail in between the two loops.
  • Pull top loop though bottom loop pulling it tight.
  • This knot is a permanent so it does not untie easy if at all.

Blood Knot.

  • Take two tails; one in each hand.
  • Hold one line (main-line) and wrap other (second line) around main-line about eight times.
  • Take second lines tail placing between the main-lines tail and the second lines base.
  • Take main-lines tail wrapping it around the second lines base about eight times.
  • A hole has been created between the two wraps; place the main-lines tail though going the opposite direction of the second lines tail pulling all ends tight. Blood Knot used to tie two lines together.

The following knots are mostly used to connect line to a hook or lure.

The Clinch Knot.

  • Thread line though eye of the hook leaving a tail.
  • Wrap tail around main-line about eight times.
  • Take tail putting it though the loophole made by the rope next to the hook.
  • Hold the tail and push the loops together pull tail tight.

Palomar Knot.

  • Take tail folding it about 5in. up making a bind in the line.
  • Push bent part though the eye of the hook.
  • Take bent part under the line making a loop.
  • Put bent part though the hole making a new loop.
  • Push hook though loop pulling tight.

Uni Knot.

  • Thread line though your hook with a tail.
  • Take tail making a separate loop placing left over tail over the main line.
  • Pull tail under main line and though loop about eight times.
  • Pull hook end tight.


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