How To Do Shore Fishing

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For those of us who don't have boats but want to fish anyway, there's shore fishing. Shore fishing, more commonly called surf fishing is the act of fishing right on the shore without the use of a boat. Shore fishing can help you catch many different kinds of shallow water fish like striped bass, bluefish, redfish, tautog and weakfish. Shore fishing isn't really just required on shore. In fact, fishing right down a pier is considered shore fishing. Shore fishing can be dangerous and tricky, but it is fun when you get the hang of it. Here's some tips for shore fishing.

  1. Reel and Rod - Don't buy the most expensive one. Some reels, rods and baits are actually designed to lure in the owner, not the fish. As with most items, the most expensive one doesn't have to be the best. So choose a medium priced rod and reel from a tackler. There are two types of rods normally used for shore fishing. The first is spin casting. A spin casting reel is good for those who just started fishing and it's quite easy to master. A spin casting reel is mounted at the top of the fishing rod. This is quite good for distance. A spinning reel on the other hand is better for accuracy. However, you can get both with any of the two reels with practice.
  2. Lures - There are two kinds of lures, the live bait and the plastic lure. Live bait lures are the traditional way of fishing. Usually a worm or a minnow, live bait lures are cheap and affordable. One good thing about live bait lures is that if you run out, you can just dig around for a worm and use it as bait! Of course, there are some who object to this type of luring so there's another lure called a plastic lure. A plastic lure is an artificial imitation of a fish, normally with a small hook to catch the fish in. Although more expensive, this type of lure comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes and can be reused.
  3. Where to Fish - Any place with a body of water and known fish will do. But when you find a good spot, look for a breakwater in the bay, as that is where most fish are. Breakwaters are shallower areas where fish feed and where fish feed, they're easier to lure. There are two types of shore fishing. The first would be in salt water, like the beach near the ocean and sea and fresh water, like in lakes and some bays. You can even shore fish while in hotels where some actually have proper shores and bait and tackle shops for your convenience.
  4. When to Fish - You can fish at almost any time of the day or any season. However, go to a rentals store or the bait and tackle stores to make see what kind of license you need and make sure that everything you want to fish for is, in fact, in season.

Even as a recreational sport, fishing offers good times for you and your family or friends. 


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