How To Get to College Football Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of success for any field, including sports. And whoever said that the Hall of Fame only exists for baseball, rock and roll, basketball and hockey? It also includes football, and even college football at that. The memories of legends that have walked through the struggles of many an aspiring athlete serves as an inspiration to those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Here are things that you can expect from this memorable venue for football enthusiasts (and baseball Hall of Fame enthusiasts too, who might just have the extra time to look at what other Hall of Fames have to offer aside from the latest MOP Squad offerings).

  1. It's an underground frenzy. Very understated but dignified in its design, the College Football Hall of Fame stands proudly in South Bend, Indiana. It consists of an underground area that showcases American colleges' finest in football. It used to be in Ohio but was aptly transferred to the place where there are more football giants than anywhere else in the country.
  2. It has a radial design that extends to different regions from the circular area called the Hall of Honor. You might be better off going back to the center or the Hall of Honor in case you find yourself getting lost.
  3. Camera-worthy moments may not necessarily be for all seasons. Since this place is essentially a museum, there might be some restrictions in taking pictures. You might need to secure a permit beforehand to be able to take pictures within the premises.
  4. It's a family affair. With a price of $11 for adults and $8 for kids, you might find this a very viable option for a happy family bonding trip. It is usually open during weekdays at around 9 or 10 am. For athletes who want to follow the footsteps of big names such as Walter Camp, Alonzo Stagg and Jim Thorpe, this is also a very ideal place to visit.
  5. It has a very unique design. The architecture makes it seem as if you are in a maze of football memorabilia, with tunnels and spirals reminiscent of Indiana Jones' adventures. But it is a well-secured place so there are no worries whatsoever.
  6. Induction has rigorous requirements. If you want to be truly a part of the College Football Hall of Fame, there are certain requirements for coaches and players - at least 3 years of experience for coaches with mandatory retirement, and a nomination must be filed for up to ten years after the last gaming season for a player.

When planning to go to the College Football Hall of Fame, you might find it useful to find the most scenic routes to get there to maximize your travel. Also, it would help to contact a person who lives there or members of the National Football Foundation, if possible.


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