How To Find Trusted Compass Brands

Compasses are navigational instruments used to determine directions relative to the magnetic poles of the Earth. It is a very magnet-sensitive device. It always indicates the direction of the magnetic north of the planet. The use of a compass has improved the efficiency and safety of traveling significantly, especially in the ocean. Compasses are still widely used because of their reliability. It is comparatively cheaper than GPS and is easier to use. It also does not require an energy supply.

Most compasses use a magnetized needle or dial inside a capsule that is completely filled with fluid. The fluid dampens the needle movement and cause the needle to stabilize quickly rather than oscillate back and fourth around magnetic north. The invention of the compass started in China during the 2nd century. It was widely used in the 11th century for navigation. The dry compass was invented around early 1300 in Europe and developed in the early 20th century using a magnetic compass filled with liquid.

Compasses are used in sea navigation, mining and astronomical observations. Compasses are useful in camping and hunting. Some the trusted compass brands for camping and hunting are as follows. 

  • Silva Compass or Silva of Sweden is an outdoor products company that is known for their high-grade compasses and other navigational equipment. They have products like GPS tools, mapping software and altimeters for aircraft. Silva manufactures a wide selection of portable compasses for recreation, hiking, scientific and marine use. They produce a broad range of compass models like Expedition 3 and Expedition 4.
  • E. S. Ritchie&Sons Compass is patented by Edward Samuel Ritchie. It is used and adapted by the US Navy. The company specializes in building compasses, navigation devices and other equipment. They produce devices to use in all types of ships including a small hand-bearing compass for recreational and amateur sailing vessels.
  • eSalesUSA Map Mirror Compass is a high quality lensatic map mirror compass. It is an ideal compass for camping, exploring, hunting, hiking, fishing and survival in the forest. It is also a great additional tool for engineers. It has a split-sighting mirror for superior accuracy when navigating distant landmarks. This compass can also be used in both arctic cold and hot desert.
  • Brunton, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of well known recreational compasses and navigation gears. Their product includes binoculars, backpacking equipments, GPS, headlamps, solar panels and family camping equipment.
  • Sun Company Incorporation is a manufacturer of standard and custom imprinted compasses. Their products include automobile, magnetic and pocket compasses. Their compasses are available as dry and liquid filled compasses.
  • The Suunto Navigator compass is a full feature compass that allows you to take accurate bearings with the use of a mirror and sighting notch. It can be used all over the world because of its global needle that is patented.

The invention of the compass provides travelers a safer means to explore. Nowadays, compasses offer different functions other than just giving directions. Some compasses are put on different everyday items such as watches and backpacks and they come in very small sizes. Small compasses are found in clocks, mobile phones and other electronic products that were built to provide data from a microprocessor.


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