How To Understand the Pros and Cons of Gun Control

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You may be looking into this subject because you're considering becoming a federally licensed firearms dealer and you want to make an informed decision about your choice of business.  

Legislation that limits the availability of guns is frequently debated. There is nothing simple about the pros and cons of gun control, but here is a brief explanation of the positive and negative aspects of gun control:


  1. Not owning a gun can decrease the occurrences of murder. No matter what the situation may be, either for self-defense or commiting a crime, murdering another becomes less likely when no murder weapon is available. Shootouts by those who are deranged can also be prevented and the number of deaths resulting from conflict between enemies and rivals decrease.
  2. Not owning a gun can save suicidal people from using it to kill themselves. When people own a gun, they may be tempted to use it, most especially if they are depressed, emotionally unstable or experiencing severe psychological or physical stress. There are a great number of suicides committed using guns.
  3. Not owning a gun can prevent accidents from happening. Children who get hold of a gun may play with it and injure themselves and others. Also, having a gun can lead to accidents to be inflicted on the gun owner, especially if the owner is not experienced in using a gun, or is startled or provoked to use it without a second thought.
  4. Not owning a gun can prevent children and other people from wanting to have one to. Owning a gun can make one feel powerful, and thus people would want to own one when they see others using it. However, it may be used for evil purposes and cause harm to oneself and other people as well.


  1. Owning a gun allows owners to protect themselves whenever the need arises. They can ward off suspicious people when they are threatened, or they can injure and disable those who are inflicting pain on them.
  2. Owning a gun can help people save others who are in danger. They could make use of their weapons not as a means of destruction but as a way to help other people. Their guns can protect others from harm and also frighten criminals into running away or giving up.
  3. Owning a gun can make people live more responsible lives. Having a gun in your possession or in your household means you have to change your attitudes and your habits in order to control your natural impulses and carelessness in handling a lethal weapon. It also increases both power and responsibility, thus improving the character of the gun owner.
  4. Owning a gun can give the owner a sense of security that allows him to concentrate on other things. By owning something that can protect him and his loved ones, he could sleep better and be more courageous during times of impending trouble.

A gun is neither good nor bad. It depends on how and why it is used. Whether you have a gun or not, keep in mind that owning one is a great responsibility which requires much thought and effort on the part of the gun user.


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