How To Watch Motorsports

When one decides to watch motor sports, especially Nascar, the first thing to do is find a favorite.  Statistics, interviews, or maybe just your favorite number can choose this favorite.

Track size and shape will determine how long the race lasts, by determining how many laps the cars have to go.  When the race starts, the field is set up from the fastest car in the front, to the slowest car in the rear.  This order will probably change several times during the race.

The green flag is waved; this is when the race actually starts.  All cars will drive around the track as fast as they can.  Watch closely where your favorite car or driver is at all times. You can keep tabs on this car by the ticker that goes across the top of the screen throughout the race.   Don't be alarmed if he falls toward the back at the beginning of the race, as the only lap that really counts is the last one.

In professional motor sports, it is common to see one car hit another one from behind, and send it spinning toward the infield, as the car that caused this drives right on by.  This is your chance to either cheer, or swear, depending on which driver is yours.  Don't be surprised if your driver is caught by the spinning car as an innocent bystander.  If these things occur, officials will wave a yellow flag, letting the remaining drivers know to slow down and be cautious as there was an accident ahead.

With the yellow caution flag out, it is now time for the drivers to take their cars to pit row, where they will get their gas tanks filled, and change tires. Some drivers may elect to stay on the track, gaining themselves positions in the field toward the front.  All drivers that pitted will race off pit row to get a higher position.  When all the debris is cleaned from the track, the green flag will again wave.

If the caution flag is not out, the drivers can peel off the racetrack to fill up, and again change tires.  Each car that enters the pits on a green flag run will be at the back of the line until everyone pits.

When the laps run out, the first car to cross the finish line is the winner.  The driver will drive his car to victory lane for a celebration. You hope it is your chosen favorite.


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