How To Buy Discounted Lacrosse Equipment

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Buying discounted lacrosse equipment is easy enough. All it takes is some time for you to invest researching common price ranges and the places where you could find the cheapest (but still high-quality) gear in this range.

Lacrosse gear and equipment consist mostly of the following: head equipment and helmet equipment, shaft or stick (including mesh equipment), gloves, arms, helmet equipment, accessories (including bags) and related apparel equipment (such as socks, shirts and caps). To find more information about which equipment you'd need and how to choose the best one for you, you could go to, where there's a link (a PDF file) to tips on fitting gear for size.

To buy any of these materials, the best place for you to start would be to hunt online. If you do this, there are many options you could choose from, the first of which is to look for the particular brand you prefer by going to its Web site (such as and You could choose this option if you already have a favorite brand (Warrior Equipment and Brine are two of the brands with the most positive reviews), and if you want to know more about their offered gear in detail. However, you may not find too many discount equipment this way, unless the brand Web site has a clearance sale page (or items offered at a discount). Make sure you check out the items there.

Another way you could search would be through Web sites that showcase different Lacrosse brands. This allows you to compare prices and find the best rates. You could choose to shop by brand, by position (attack, defense, goalie and midfield), by price (make sure you check out the "less than $50" items at, by gender and age (men, women, youth) or by team (though this is for apparel such as shirts and sweaters). The good news is that there are so many different Web sites that offer Lacrosse equipment, such as, and offers great closeout sale items, although these are mostly for apparel and accessories. Just remember to check out the sale items page, whichever Web site you are in. Also, Lacrosse Unlimited offers a "Best Price" promo; call 1-800-366-5299 for more details.

Some Web sites, such as, allow you to join in the membership club for a one-time membership fee of $24.95. By doing so, you are able to take advantage of exclusive discount offers and bonus points (you can redeem freebies).

Of course, also remember to try out major trading Web sites such as and Through these Web sites, you would be able to compare different prices being offered by individual retailers (which would give you a pretty good chance of unearthing items being sold at a very cheap price). Consider buying items that have been previously-owned but are still in pretty good shape.

Yet another option for you would be to buy items being offered in sets and packages: One Web site to try out is You could purchase men or women's packages, or youth packages, which consist of the most important lacrosse gear in different combinations (for example, lacrosse stick, gloves and eye protectors all in one set). The good thing about purchasing in packages is that you definitely save more than if you buy the same items separately.


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