How To Find Black Market Skateboards

For skateboard enthusiasts, the skateboard brand of choice is Black Market. It has become a popular brand because of its unique deck designs. The deck is always an extension of the skateboarder's personality and Black Market Skateboards has made it a point to consider this. The company accepts customized orders, however zany the designs may be. Just in case the customer has no prescribed design, their gallery has a wide variety of designs that will surely attract any skateboarder.

Black Market Skateboards are not hard to find. Here are some places you should consider when buying Black Market Skateboards:

  1. Get the skateboard from the official Black Market Skateboards homepage. Go to and choose from a wide variety of deck designs. From the main site you can also view and order trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape and hardware. You can order via the toll-free order line or contacting them through email for a price quotation. Custom shop decks can be ordered at a minimum of 25 orders.
  2. Buy Black Market Skateboards from authorized online retailers. Aside from ordering a Black Market Skateboard from the official site, you may also try ordering from their authorized online retailers, especially when your location is considerably far from their home turf. Skateboards Pro ( is an example of an online retailer. The site has an ordering facility where you can pay for your orders via Paypal. Shipping of orders is done through UPS Standard Ground. There are also online retailers outside of the United States. Network UK Distribution Ltd. serves buyers in the United Kingdom while Blackmarket Skateboards sell Black Market Skateboards for Australian clients.
  3. Find Black Market Skateboards at your local skateboard shops. If you are a skateboard enthusiast and skateboarding is not prohibited in your town then, probably, there is a skateboard shop in your area. Since Black Market skateboards are popular, the store probably has some in stock. However, as your local shop is just a retailer, customized deck orders may be unavailable, unlike when you order directly from Black Market Distribution. Skate Spotter is a skateboarding site where you can locate skateboard spots and shops. Enter your city, state, or country in the search box and a map will appear with the location of the skateboard shop.
  4. You may also buy Black Market Skateboards from enterprising skateboard enthusiasts in Ebay. These sellers probably have their own skateboard shops set up and instead of putting up a website, have used Ebay as an online marketing venue instead. As with any other online purchase, you should make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate seller.

To skateboard enthusiasts, Black Market Skateboards are the real deal. You can get a deck with the design of your choosing but that does not mean that you cannot tinker with the other parts as well. A skateboarder with a Black Market Skateboard is a unique individual who does not only go for style but for quality as well.


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