How To Plan Family Beach Vacations in the United States

Happy family on the beach

There is perhaps no better family vacation than one spent on the beach. It's enjoyable for the whole family. There are several popular beach destinations in the United States, including the East Coast, West Coast, and the Gulf. With any of these great beach destinations, if you plan ahead, you and your family can enjoy the vacation you've been looking forward to all year.

  1. When choosing your destination, you'll need to consider the climate, first and foremost. The southern states could be too warm in the summer months, whereas the northern states will be much too cold in the winter. Do some research to find out exactly what the climate is year round in your desired location to find the best time to go.
  2. When you plan your lodging, be sure to observe the wording very carefully in the ads or brochures. Ocean front means you are literally facing the ocean, and ocean view means you can simply see the ocean out your window. You could end up having quite a walk to get to the beach with just ocean view.
  3. Many family hotels these days have programs where kids stay free. This is an advantage that every family should at least consider. Sometimes you may even find deals where the hotels also allow kids to eat free, as long as they are with one of their parents. This can save an immeasurable amount of money, allowing you to do more fun things.
  4. You will want to know how safe the beach you plan on visiting is, to be sure this is a safe place to enjoy time with your children. Most popular beach destinations have areas that are better for swimming and water activities than others.

    On vacation, avoid parts of the beach with strong currents and rip tides. Look for areas that are patrolled regularly and have lifeguards on duty. If there are flags posted, always be sure to stay between the correct flags (talk to a lifeguard if you are unsure what the different flags mean).

  5. If your family wants to do more during their beach time than just swimming, beachcombing or laying in the sun, do searches online to see if there are any facilities nearby to rent equipment such as bikes, body boards, jet skis, etc. Look for activities your entire family can enjoy.
  6. Of course you might not want to spend all your time at the beach. Consider beach areas with other activities as well. Research on the internet can tell you what's around, whether you are looking for places to dine out, play golf, or do some shopping.
  7. You may even prefer that the decisions and planning be done for you. In this case, there are package deals you can find on the internet, or with your travel agent. With these, you will find that your airfare, lodging, car rental, and basically anything else you can think of is all taken care of, leaving you with no hassles.


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