How To Plan Disneyland Vacations

Many times Walt Disney World takes precedence over all the other Disney theme parks, including Disneyland. Most people don't realize that Disneyland was actually the first park that Disney opened when he decided to fulfill his dream. Opened in 1955, Disneyland almost went bankrupt when a heat wave destroyed the appeal during the opening months. Within 10 years, though, Disneyland had more than 50 million visitors.

  1. The Parks: Disneyland is much smaller than Walt Disney World. It is only made up of two parks: Disneyland Park and Disneyland California Adventure Park. California Adventure Park celebrates everything about the Golden State from the piers to the lights; many of the new rides are located in this park.
  2. Timing: You probably want to visit Disneyland when there are short lines and great weather. Your best chances will be during the spring and fall when kids are in school. The winter usually isn't too busy, but that's the California rainy season. Remember, though, that if it's a three-day weekend, the parks will probably be packed.
  3. Disneyland website: As with Walt Disney World, Disneyland also has its own website. They often offer some type of sweepstakes for a free trip to the park, often when celebrating some historical moment in the park's history. The site offers a list of discount deals offered by the park and all the details and numbers for each.
  4. This website offers a comprehensive rundown on your trip to Disneyland. There are reviews of all the hotels on site along with links to great deals for your trip to Disneyland. You can also find helpful hints for planning your trip and calculating the cost. My favorite feature, though, is that you can get an RSS Feed for the site so that you will be notified each time there is an addition on any topic, including great deals for trips to the park.
  5. The site also offers information on Disneyland. They provide a weekly update on all things Disneyland so that you can keep up with park changes and ticket and housing deals.
  6. Discussion Boards: All of the above websites along with many others provide discussion boards where visitors and prospective visitors can discuss everything from ticket deals to the best rides to the easiest way to enjoy the park with young children. Take advantage of the valuable advice on these boards before you visit Disneyland.
  7. Park Hopper Pass: You can save up to $40 a day with the Park Hopper Pass that allows you to visit all of the parks any time during each day of your pass. Single-day, one-park tickets are available for $49 for children and $59 for adults. Add $20 and you can have a one-day Park Hopper ticket, and for just a little more you can add extra days.


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