How To Find a Honeymoon Cruise

Not surprisingly, cruises are a popular choice for honeymooners.  There is the built-in romance of being at sea together not to mention honeymoon extras like Jacuzzi suites, strawberry and champagne room service, and other bonuses that make a honeymoon cruise a romantic adventure.  You'll have your choice of cruise lines and romantic destinations along the lines of the Fiji Islands, Tahiti and Aruba-think hot, think steamy, think tropical paradise.

Here are a few things to consider to help you find the perfect honeymoon cruise. 

  1. Room upgrade.  Cruise ship guests often find that they spend very little time in their rooms, but you are honeymooners, after all, so chances are you'll want to spend some quiet (or not so quiet) time in your room getting to know one another more intimately.  Since you may plan to spend more time in your cabin than you might on a different type of cruise, consider sinking more money into your cabin choice than you might otherwise.  When it's time to come up for air, it might be nice to have some sea air close at hand in a balcony room. 

  • Entertainment.  All cruise lines provide entertainment.  Find out if the entertainment revolves around the theater or the bar.  Are there dance classes for couples, are the bands mellow or raucous or is the entertainment varied enough that there's something for everyone?  Remember that the other passengers are all doing their research, too, so if you're looking to hang with like-minded newlyweds, a little bit of research along these lines will go a long way.  Different cruise lines tend to cater to different demographics-for example, Carnival cruises tend to attract a younger crowd while Silver Sea tends to attract passengers with a bit of silver of their own.
  • Food and beverage.  Food is always a major focus of cruise ship travel.  Chances are that since your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you'll want to splurge on your food and beverage tab.  Look into whether a certain amount of room service is part of the honeymoon cruise package.  Many cruise ship lines offer specialties a la strawberries and champagne or canapés delivered to your room come din-din.  Others throw in a romantic dinner for two and a bottle of wine.  Peruse the options and remember that it may be worthwhile to go for an all-inclusive package that includes some wining and dining to save you money in the long run.
  • Shopping.  If you've been trying to get your hubby into a Speedo for years, this might be your chance.  Honeymoon cruises tend to offer many discounts on items considered traditionally romantic-think lingerie, fragrances, jewelry and so on.  Some people may consider shopping opportunities a turn-off while others will be thrilled at the opportunity to snatch up some booty at reduced prices.  Many cruise lines carry a miniature mall on-board and offer shopping excursions in port-if shopping is your version of fun, research the shopping opportunities offered by the various cruise lines to find your perfect match.
  • Honeymoon photograph.  If you're newly married, you've just had so many photographs taken of you that you probably can't bear the thought of one more.  But a honeymoon photograph will be a nice reminder in years to come of what you looked like young and spunky.  And odds are that you'll be more relaxed on your honeymoon cruise than you were at your big day and may photograph more naturally.  Many honeymoon cruise packages include photography packages that you will want to assess.  Once again, if odds are that you will splurge for it once you're on-board, make a honeymoon photography session part of the package ahead of time.
  • Massage and spa treatments.  Since the idea of this honeymoon cruise, after all, is pampering, you'll probably want to do just that at an on-board spa.  Most cruise lines offer his and her spa packages.  As you're sipping wine with your sweetie in the lingering rays of the sunset, that moonlit hot rock massage for two that at first sounded extravagant might now sound like just the ticket on Day #3 of your honeymoon extraordinaire.
  • Add up the extras that you'll be likely to indulge in on your honeymoon and make your honeymoon cruise choices accordingly.  And may your honeymoon cruise be the sweet send-off to your future life together that you deserve!


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