How To Find Best Places for a Bachelor Party

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Bachelor or bachelorette parties are the traditional send-off celebration for a man or woman entering the marital life. For men, it is commonly called a stag party. It is a social gathering that mostly involves alcohol and gambling. There are several types of bachelor parties and all of them involve an essential party planning. Planning a bachelor party involves finding the perfect location. The location can make or break the celebration. Locations can be as simple as a movie themed bachelor party to an extravagant Las Vegas night blowout.

Here are some common destinations for a bachelor party.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada is U.S. No.1 bachelor party destination. The sin city houses the largest collection of casinos and strip clubs in the world. Some of its famous bachelor party destinations include the Rum Jungle in the Mandalay Bay Resort, the Rain in the Palms Casino Resort and Sapphire Gentlemen's Club.
  • Canada is one of the top destinations for a bachelor party. Cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are known for having several strip clubs. Strip clubs in Canada are famous for strippers that do "lap-dancing." Some of its famous strip clubs are Wanda, Club Super Sexe and Chez Pare. If you are looking for a more intimate yet traditional style of bachelor party, these places are where you need to go.
  • South Beach, Florida is famous for women in bikinis and convertibles. It is also the place where you can find the hottest nightclubs in the U.S. Its night clubs make it the best place to hold a great bachelor party. Some of its famous night clubs include the Nikki Beach Club and Club Madonna.
  • New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras festivities. And what a great way to celebrate a bachelor's party but to integrate that festivity with it. The Bourbon Street in New Orleans is famous for great clubs and bars. Pat O'Brien's bar is famous for its signature drink, the Hurricane. You can also spend until the wee hours of the morning in Temptations Club, a world famous strip club.
  • The Aussie's style of bachelor parties includes strippers and a good game of poker. In Australian, a bachelor party is called a Buck's Night. Their tradition often involves a lot of drinking with topless waitresses that serve them throughout the night.
  • Manhattan is home to the best steak houses in the Big Apple. Spending a bachelor's party in one of New York's finest steak houses is very ideal. If you are willing to spend money, try the Penthouse Executive Club. It has the best of both worlds – Kobe steaks and strippers. You will never go wrong with that combination.

Planning a great destination is very essential. It is the foundation of every bachelor party. It is also important to send out invitations to all attendees, especially if there are many guests. Giving out bachelor or bachelorette party favors according to the party's destination can also make it very memorable. Ensuring safety and a relaxing ambiance is a sure fire hit to every bachelor party.


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