How To Find Cheap Bahamas Cruise Packages

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The Bahamas often bring to mind pristine beaches with coconut trees swaying gently to the whisper of soft tropical breezes. You see yourself on the deck of a ship, sipping a cool intoxicating drink with that special someone, and watching the shores of the Bahamas. The problem is, how do you get on a cheap cruise to the Bahamas?

  1. Start early. You need more time to research the best cruise discount deals before you get on that boat. The more time you allot for research, the better the chances of scoring the best cruise deals.
  2. Research online. Visit discount cruise and travel websites as they offer awesome deals on airfare, cruise, vouchers for future trips and even essential travel insurance. You can visit the cruise line's website at the click of the button and see what your options are. Popular cruise liners are Carnival, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean.
  3. Inquire on themes. Some cruise deals target certain lifestyle sectors - singles, couples, retirees, and families. Many cruise lines offer different cruise deals that cater to everyone.
  4. Organize groups. The bigger the group that goes on the cruise, the more savings you will get. A group of 8 to 12 people will get you a free room, especially when you book them in advance. 
  5. Depart close to home. Save up on airfare cruise expenses by departing from new ports closer to where you live. You could also look into the prospect of departing from an uncommon port.
  6. Book at extremes. Cruise liners will eagerly cram bookings in advance and fill up eleventh-hour terminations. If you have a flexible schedule, you might find better deals at the last minute. It's better if you don't stick to the original dates as traveling off peak gets you the best service, more breathing space and the cheapest cruise package to the Bahamas.
  7. Utilize an agent. You could let a travel agent worry about everything - where you want to travel and the price range you want for accommodations in a package deal. He will definitely work hard to meet your reasonable demands; after all, you paid for it. They have access to the best deals. Some good agents even refund some of your money if the price goes down close to your departure. However, if you book the deal yourself, you get to save more money. Although, be flexible in case something goes wrong with your plans. 
  8. Allot budget for gratuities. To get the best service, you should give away tips to service personnel. Yet many ships have suggested amounts dependent on the length of the cruise.

Cruising is one of the hardest hit industries during this economic slump. Hard times for the trade will result in more affordable prices designed in support of the frugal tourist. Stick to the strategies described previously and you could get that delightful, cheap cruise package to the Bahamas.


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