How To Find Cheap Hotels in Egypt

Whether you just want to enjoy the desert or you love anthropology and learning about sphinxes and mummies, Egypt is the perfect destination for you. If you're planning on spending a holiday or a few days in Egypt, here are some tips on how to ensure that you have a cheap hotel to go with your visit.

First, know where you want to go. This is especially important so you don't end up staying in a hotel that it too far from your place of interest. Egypt, being a tourist country, offers a lot of things that you can find and places that you can visit almost everywhere. As such, cheap hotels and accommodations can be found in almost every city. You can easily find one through the Internet. You can also opt to contact Egypt's Ministry of Tourism to book early accommodations.

When reserving a hotel accommodation via phone or the Internet is not a viable option, you can easily find cheap hotels in Egypt itself. Cairo, for one, boasts of a lot of cheap hotels around the area. Its downtown area is popular for affordable hotels and hostels, and the areas around its train stations are also gaining popularity for the same offering.

If, however, you have cash to spare, you can check out or simply visit a number of five star hotels in Egypt that boast of wonderful features. One of these luxurious hotels is the Sharm El Sheikh that is located beside a wonderful beach property. Here, you have the luxury to enjoy Ras Mohammed, a world-famous, environmentally protected national park. There are also luxury hotels that overlook the Nile and even offer Nile cruises.

What's an Egypt visit without the sphinx? If you plan to visit the pyramids or marvel at the sphinx, Giza is the perfect place for you. Most of the accommodations there are expensive hotels, but there are also a couple of budget hotels. However, if you still feel that these hotels are a little too expensive, you can either take a cab or take a camel ride to stay in Cairo where rooms are less expensive.

Aside from Giza and Cairo, you can also visit the town of Luxor where you can find the Valley of the Kings, a burial place of pharaohs including the famous Tutankhamen. You may also opt to visit Alexandria, a haven for myths and legends, thanks to Alexander the Great. Regardless of the location, you can choose from five star hotels to cheap, budget hotels.

Second, know when you want to go. If you're really after cheap accommodations, then the perfect time to go is during off-season. During these times, even expensive and luxury hotels lower their prices considerably to make up for the lesser number of visitors. You may also want to check out package promos of travel agencies to have cheap accommodations. Aside from saving a substantial amount, you can also go for a tour around the most popular places in Egypt as these package deals usually come with transportation, tour, lodging and meals.

A trip to Egypt is definitely an interesting tour to have if you're a history and artifact lover. But if you just want to enjoy the cultural offerings that it can give you, then it is an equally good choice. From luxurious five star hotels to cheap, budget ones, you're sure to have the best accommodation to match your itinerary.


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