How To Find Youth Hostels in Europe

Many young people around the world travel to different countries for several reasons. Some travel as exchange students, to do volunteer work, practice internships and the like, others visit for special occasions, events or functions. These young travelers do not usually have a huge budget for accommodations thus they prefer looking for hostels.

Hostels are similar to hotels. Both provide accommodations but other than that the two are entirely different. Hotels are usually expensive, they not only offer lodging to travelers but also provide restaurants, function or conference rooms, banquet halls, shops and other services. Hotels have a crew and staff to attend to the guest's needs. In hotels, housekeeping crews will tidy your room, change your beddings and take charge of your laundry needs. You will be provided with cable television, a mini refrigerator, telephone and other basic necessities. Your bathroom will be provided with shampoos and soaps and will be kept sanitized every single day. Hostels on the other hand, are budget oriented, self-catering accommodations. They are typically for young guests and backpackers searching for temporary lodging where they can sleep, shower and eat. In hostels travelers are expected to share amenities like a kitchen, bath and shower. Private rooms are available but most bedrooms are usually shared with other guests.

Hostels are very popular to young travelers as well as touring families as the cheap cost helps them save for other requirements during their stay in a foreign place. If you are looking for an apartment for your stay in Europe whether in Amsterdam, London or Dublin, go for hostels and find them on these sites.

  1. Student Traveler - Designed especially for students who intend to travel, find youth hostels, study language schools, apply paid internships, teach, volunteer and work overseas. The site provides a wide selection of youth hostels in Europe, links to student airfares, discount tickets, Eurail passes, jobs abroad, etc.
  2. - Presents a large selection of youth hostels across Europe including principal cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Dublin, Rome and Berlin. You can read reviews and customer ratings prior to booking online.
  3. - Director of international hostels with a comprehensive list of hostels in Europe. You can check availability of hostels, do online booking and cost comparison.
  4. Hostelineurope - Over 16,000 listings of international hostels. Provides articles on different destinations in Europe, facts and tips on travel and other associated issues on hostelling. The site also offers perks for users.
  5. Hostels of Europe - An independent hostel network providing wide selection of cheap hostels across Europe including its top destinations like London, Amsterdam and Dublin. Online reservation is available.
  6. Backpacking Europe - Listings of over 150 hostels in Europe with links to a variety of relevant guides such as Europe's universities, hot spots, cultural events and festivals, tours, transportation, and train passes.
  7. Hostel World - The site has real-time online bookings for hostels. Offers budget packages for accommodation and tours including comprehensive information on countries and cities in Europe with an extensive team of people from different destinations.
  8. Real Adventures - Check availability of youth hostels in Europe and view pictures of each hostel. You can directly contact owners or managers of hostels in different cities and countries in Europe for detailed information.

Another way you can benefit from hostels is by your identity card. Discounts and special deals are available for full-time students and even for full-time teachers that are recognized internationally. Backpackers also have VIP cards that can be used in a number of countries worldwide for special discounts.


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