How To Book Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises are among the most popular cruise lines. It offers premium packages with destinations such as Hawaii, Alaska and Europe. There are also several amenities and activities available on board.

Booking a cruise straight from the cruise line is relatively easy. A travel agent can assist vacationers, as they can customize packages online. Vacationers can go straight to the website to check available destinations. They can also send an e-mail to or call 0845 351 0556 to get assistance from a travel advisor.

Here are some reminders on how to book carnival cruises:

  • Date and destination - You may have limited and specific vacation time available. Make sure to avoid any delays. Confirm with all the members of the travel party to make sure they are all available at the scheduled time. Checking the website or talking to a company agent can give you an idea on the package that will suit your requirements.

    Make sure to check availability of carnival cruises, particularly during peak seasons. You should also decide ahead of time the kind of services and activities that you would want to enjoy. A reservation may be necessary in some cases. If you are not yet sure, you can put this off until the cruise itself.

  • Booking - Once you have made a decision, you can book the package. You can do this through online booking websites. You can also call 1-888-CARNIVAL to speak personally to an agent. If you have already taken a Carnival cruise before, you will already have an assigned agent. If so, contact them directly via their extension number.
  • Discounts - The company offers discounts to people in the military, senior citizens, some VIP groups, and frequent guests. Check if any special offers like these are available to you before booking. You may need to call an agent directly instead of booking online to check availability. Additional documents may need to be sent to the company to confirm eligibility.
  • Payment - If you are booking online, you need to input your credit card information. If you are booking through an agent, you can give your credit card details via the phone or send a money order or check.
  • Confirmation e-mail - The booking and confirmation number will be sent to the e-mail addresses you provided during booking. These will allow you to enter the Carnival Cruise website and register. Your user account will show your itinerary.
  • Fun Pass - Once you've accessed the website, fill out the Fun Pass. This includes normal check-in information such as your personal details. If you will arrive by plane, you will need to include your booking number and flight details. The Fun Pass needs to be printed out and presented before boarding.
  • Shore Tours - You can customize the activities you will engage in at each port via Shore Tours. This includes attractions such as swimming with dolphins. Some of these tours sell out, so if you are sure about a particular attraction, book it in advance. Prices may also change as the travel date draws near.
  • Tickets, Sail and Sign Card, and luggage tags - You will also receive your ticket in the mail. This includes all of the information you've already placed in the Fun Pass. The ticket arrives with the Sail and Sign card. This is like a credit card you will be using during the Carnival Cruise. You can specify the type of debit or credit card that you will use throughout the cruise. The cruise line can also create an account if you give them cash for the card.

Luggage tags will also be included in the same package. Make sure to place one on each piece of luggage you will be bringing. If you have too many bags, you can ask to get additional luggage IDs at the port.


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