How To Buy Disneyland Tickets

Theme parks and recreation giant Walt Disney brings joy to both the young and young at heart. Buying tickets to treat the whole family takes a bit of planning. For starters, here is what you need to know about how tickets are sold at Walt Disney. Children under three years old get free admission while children 10 years old and older pay the full adult price. There are low-priced options available. You just need to do a bit of research. The lowest priced ticket for a day at any of Disney’s parks are usually honored and visitors are not allowed to move to other Disney owned recreation centers to consume the one day pass. If you plan to move from one park to another, you might want to consider the multi-day Disney tickets and the one-day Hoppers.

You may get your tickets by going on line or picking up the phone. For online tickets, Walt Disney requires you to register. E-Tickets are delivered via your email and you can print out your pass. If you opt for calling for a ticket at Disney outlets, you may request them to deliver your tickets right at your doorstep for a fee. E-tickets are cheaper because shipping cost for the tickets is omitted. If you happen to lose your e-ticket, don’t worry. You just have to present your credit card that you used to buy the tickets and another
identification card to the Guest Services and they will be glad to issue you another pass.

Book your tickets at least two weeks ahead of your scheduled trip. Ordering by phone is the only way you can purchase one-day tickets. Ticket options at Disney include one-day single park, one-day Hoppers and two to six day park Hoppers. If you have money to spare and you can opt to purchase annual passports, which entitle you to enter the park for the entire year. Additional freebies are included such as free parking, discounted hotel rates and restaurant dining. A Deluxe annual passport is also available but some days are blocked out and entry into the park is only for 315 days of the year. Parking is not
for free.

When you are on a tight budget, you can still find good ticket deals. Although Walt Disney seldom gave discount rates, there are some instances where they do give discounts. For example, Disney has a special price offer every January until spring each year. Adults pay kid’s admission fees. You can also enjoy their promo where on your birthday you can enjoy the parks for free. The only requisite is you must pre-register on their website to obtain your free entrance.

Discounted tickets are only available online. For Disneyland and Disney’s California adventure in Anaheim, California’s Outdoor Activities Superstore online offers discounted Disney tickets. You can also buy your tickets at the gate but expect long lines and wait times. When you buy your tickets online, expect to pay a little more
when compared to buying your tickets at the gate. Online auctions are not a good place to start looking for discounted tickets.


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