How To Find Asia's 10 Best Dinner Cruise Packages

A dinner cruise is one of the most romantic treats that anyone could have with a special someone. Whether it’s for a wedding proposal or to celebrate wondrous years of blissful marriage together, a cruise tour would definitely get any couple in the mood for love. Most coastal cities offer boat cruises not only to give people time away from the busy city life, but also to highlight and showcase the stunning views of the urban center from a different vantage point.

With the economy booming in Asia, boat cruises have become more and more popular attractions in various cities. Here are some of the top destinations.

1. Shanghai

With one of the most amazing skylines that the world has ever seen, China’s biggest city is among the best destinations for a cruise. Along with the heavily lit skyline, one can also marvel at the vastness of the Yangtze River as it empties out into the Yellow Sea. There are plenty of cruise line operators in the area, and these are known to serve the best food in the region.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is still considered by many as the premier Asian city. The city combines the traditions of the old with the vibrant modern culture that has become Japan’s signature as one of Asia’s strongest economies. There are many companies that offer cruises here, which include different activities. Even a wedding cruise can be included in the package! Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, though, so make sure that you have lots of cash, especially when the boat docks and you disembark for some shopping.

3. Hong Kong

The former British Colony lies in a group of islands that are linked by a network of trains. Apart from being a prime shopping destination, Hong Kong is also a great place for those looking for cruises. Aside from going first class on a yacht or on a bigger cruise ship, one can also experience the harbor in a more traditional and cultured way on an authentic Chinese junk (the traditional boats in the area).

4. Singapore

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s lion city, and is perhaps among the cleanest and brightest of places in Asia. The island has a lot of culinary offerings, since the country is the melting pot of many cultures. There is a strong Arab, Indian, Malay and Chinese influence in Singapore’s culture, so if you’re into food tripping, it would be very hard not to find any dish that you don’t like.

5. Dubai

Yes, the Middle East is still part of Asia! Dubai is the jewel in the Arab peninsula that continues to glimmer due to its commitment to constructing the most awe inspiring things the world has ever seen.

6. Bangkok

Set in the mouth of the majestic Chao Praya River, Bangkok is definitely one of the gems of Southeast Asia. There are plenty of temples and modern buildings to see in this tourist Mecca. Cruise packages are usually bundled with trips to ancient temples outside of the city, as well as a nice buffet at one of the tallest buildings in all of Asia.

7. Manila, Philippines

Manila is a land rich with history and culture, with several centuries of foreign influence, from the Spanish, to the Japanese, to the American. You can therefore expect the Philippine cuisine to be rich, vibrant and taste-worthy. Manila is also one of the busiest ports in the southeast Asian region, so you won’t find it difficult to travel here by sea or air.

8. Mumbai, India

Formerly known as Bombay, this city features one of the busiest ports in the region. Mumbai is known for its rich architectural and historical highlights, such as Hanging Gardens or the Elephanta Caves. Mumbai is also the residence of choice for many of India’s Bollywood stars, and so you can expect great nightlife and dinner spots here.

9. Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia has some of the world’s prime vacation and holiday destinations, such as the beaches in Bali. Known for its party atmosphere and the variety of food offerings, this is one place that any couple looking for fun and romance would appreciate.

10. Doha, Qatar

Another Middle-Eastern destination, Doha in Qatar offers a different cruise experience with its traditional Dhow boats, which set off in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. You can enjoy barbecue dinners on the boat, or you can even set up an island hopping tour.

Going on a cruise is usually on top of the list of honeymooners and those interested in romantic getaways. While you’re planning your trip, why not choose exotic and interesting destinations in Asia?


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