How To Find Cheap Disney Vacation Packages

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Even if you're on a limited budget, you can still treat your family to a Disney vacation they'll cherish forever. Follow this guide on how to find cheap Disney vacation packages and your kids will thank you.

Step 1

Talk to a Disney travel representative. Disney resorts offer a large staff devoted to helping you find a cheap Disney vacation package. Call them at (714) 520-5060 and speak to a Disney travel representative. She'll ask about your preferred travel dates, how many people will be travelling, and what type of package you are looking for. Tell her that you want an inexpensive deal and she'll have many to offer you. You can probably purchase a cheap Disney vacation package through the representative in as few as 20 minutes.

Just make sure that you give your selection enough thought. Some Disney vacation deals may be less money than others, but it will be a basic package. If you are fine with paying for meals separately, then you can get a cheap Disney vacation package for a few hundred dollars a day. But remember that you'll have to pay more for meals. Some packages also don't come with tickets or discount coupons. All of these are things you'll need to consider before you decide on a cheap Disney vacation package.

Step 2

Check Ebay. Surprisingly, you can find cheap Disney vacation packages on online auction websites like Ebay. Search the travel section for Disney vacations and several will pop up. Read through the details of each package to see if it is just ‘cheap' or if it offers ‘value' too. Make sure that you're getting the most out of your cheap Disney vacation package by choosing one that costs less but doesn't offer less. As always, purchase from reputable sellers. Check ratings and customer feedback to ensure that others have had a good experience buying a cheap Disney vacation package from the seller.

Step 3

Talk to your AAA travel agent. If you subscribe to AAA, you can contact a travel agent there to discuss cheap Disney vacation packages that they offer. With the discount available through your AAA card, you should be able to get a cheap Disney vacation. Just remember that most travel agents (AAA or otherwise) work for a commission. So you may pay a bit more for your vacation by using a travel agent. However, if it gives you peace of mind to know that you booked your cheap Disney vacation through a travel agent, then by all means, book it!

Step 4

Don't travel during the busy season. You can easily get a cheaper Disney vacation by booking your vacation outside of busy times. That is, don't book your Disney vacation around Christmas, New Years, or March break. You'll hit major crowds, and you'll pay a premium for your stay. Travel at an odd time of year and your Disney vacation will be cheaper.


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